World’s largest Lithium ion battery based UPS project rolled out in India

Consul Neowatt announced that it is supplying UPS systems with Lithium ion battery to power the IP CCTV cameras that is being installed across Andhra Pradesh as part of the government program for enhanced safety across the state .This is one of the largest deployment of Lithium ion UPS solution in the world covering over 6,000 locations.

Speaking on the project Sriram Ramakrishnan, CEO & MD, Consul Neowatt Power Solutions said, “Our customer came to us with the stringent requirement of a long life and maintenance free UPS solution for outdoor environment to power the CCTV cameras which are spread over length and breadth of Andhra Pradesh.”

“From our experience we know that VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) batteries are highly susceptible to high temperature and have a very low useful life in outdoor environments. The in-house R&D team at Consul Neowatt evaluated and selected a Lithium ion battery technology which can withstand higher ambient temperatures and has 5 times more cyclic life than VRLA batteries.”

“We then developed and deployed a smart, safe and reliable UPS solution with the Lithium-ion battery for this critical application. This is yet another example of Smart Power Solutions that we have developed and deployed in India. We have repeatedly shown the ability to be at the forefront of the next technological wave and lead it right here in India”.

This project requires a 24 hour operation of the cameras installed on poles in key areas across the state. To ensure uninterrupted operation of the cameras on 24hour basis requires an assured power supply. This assured uptime is provided through a specially designed Consul Neowatt  single phase UPS integrated with the Lithium ion battery  that is kept in a special IP55 metal enclosure below the camera.

The decision to go with Lithiumion batteries instead of the conventional Lead acid batteries was taken keeping in mind the life of the battery in high heat condition and further the Lithium ion battery has a lower weight and smaller foot print compared to Lead Acid batteries. Consul Neowatt is also supplying High power Three Phase UPS in Parallel Redundant configuration for the Command Control Centers (CCC) in all the districts of Andhra Pradesh for this project.

All the Consul Neowatt UPS supplied for this project are IoT(Internet of Things) ready and will be monitored at the district CCC along with the video feed from the IP CCTV cameras to ensure uninterrupted operations of the Cloud based surveillance system.