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Video Game

The Dominance of Technology in the Classic Video Game Space

A team of researchers at Uber AI Labs in San Francisco has developed a set of learning algorithms that proved to be better at...
This robot doesn't need any electronics

This Robot Doesn’t Need Any Electronics

Engineers at the University of California San Diego have created a four-legged soft robot that doesn't need any electronics to work. The robot only...

How to Train a Robot Using AI and Supercomputers

Computer scientists developed a deep learning method to create realistic objects for virtual environments that can be used to train robots. The researchers used...
2021 predictions for the Indian IT Industry: 3i Infotech

2021 predictions for the Indian IT Industry

While COVID-19 continues to play out an unprecedented upheaval across the globe, businesses will need to tune up the technology to bring some semblance...
Future of Robotics in India in the post COVID era

Future of Robotics in India in the post COVID era

As worse as it has been for people, businesses, livelihood and world economy, even an eternal optimist will find it difficult to take out...
Global Automotive Trends

Explore a new world of Mobility

This is a roundup about the top 10 trends that would prove to be the breakthrough in the automotive industry over the next 12...
Robotic Exoskeletons

A new inspired joint model to design Robotic Exoskeletons

Recent advances in the field of robotics have enabled the fabrication of increasingly sophisticated robotic limbs and exoskeletons. Robotic exoskeletons are essentially wearable 'shells'...
Enterprises of SEZ Technopolis Moscow Developed in 2020

Robots and Breathing Simulators: What the Enterprises of SEZ Technopolis Moscow Developed in 2020

Electronic checkpoint, barcodes in laboratories and thermographic complexes - we are talking about the most interesting developments of the enterprises of the special economic...

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