Smart Card

Smart Card : Evolution for a Smarter World

Smart Card or Chip card technology is fast becoming commonplace in our culture and daily lives. Like other technologies, the Smart Card Technology is...
smart networks

Smart Cities Need Smart Networks

When it comes to smart cities, one size does not fit all. Geographic, cultural, financial, and technical considerations that vary from city to city...
PCB Inspection Microscope

PCB Inspection Microscope to Zoom into your Electronic Circuit

In this day and age, technology changes fast. Electronics, in particular, has seen constant changes and has really shaped up the way we interact...
3D Printing

3D Printing Technology: Taking the World to the next level

When a new type of technology is developed, it often receives a lot of publicity as people speculate about its potential to become truly...
LEDs and Wireless Tech Combine to Build Intelligent Lighting

LEDs and Wireless Tech Combine to Build Intelligent Lighting

History is littered with instances of inventions designed to solve one problem but that find a mass market to address another. The transistor, for...
Quantum Computing

The Era of Quantum Computing: How Close are We?

After decades of heavy slog with no promise of success, quantum computing is suddenly buzzing with almost feverish excitement and activity. Nearly two years...
Home Automation

Home Automation: The Next Big Thing

Advancements in technology are rapidly changing the way we live, essentially with precision and the value added convenience, comfort and peace of mind. Home...

E-Automotive, Innovation for Better Environment

E-Automotive is the major role player of every automotive industry. India has also entered into the mainstream of e-Automotive, and has set many future...
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