Witnessing a safer disposal of printed circuit boards

Printed circuit boards are vital components of modern electronics. However, once they have served their purpose, they are often burned or buried in landfills,...

Technology that Speaks the Same Language

Goo Goo Gaga is a simple interjection. It is onomatopoeia from the Greek “onoma” for “name” and “poiein” for “to make,” meaning “to make a...

Fuelling up stretchable vibration-powered device using a liquid electret

A liquid electret material has been developed by researchers, which is capable of semi-permanently retaining static electricity. They subsequently combined this material with soft...
Wearables of 2020

Wearables: Ease with Real Time Status

Different gadgets to monitor various activities and data; powerlessness to perform multiple tasks when your hands are caught up with holding your mobile device...

STMicroelectronics updates TouchGFX Suite to elevate User Interfaces and Reduce Memory

STMicroelectronics has updated the TouchGFX user-interface software framework for STM32 microcontrollers, adding new features that enable smoother and more dynamic user interfaces and lower...

Researchers develop a potential solution to overheating mobile phones

A revolutionary way to encode computational information without using electrical current has been developed by researchers. As a global first, this could lead to...

Chip wakes up device only when it needs

A new power saving chip has been developed by the engineers of University of California San Diego, that could significantly reduce or eliminate the...

All new metallic material unveiled for soft robots

A team of NUS researchers has developed a novel method of creating a new metal-based material for use in these soft robots. 'Origami robots' are...
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