Model-Based Development Environment for Multicore Automotive Control Microcontrollers

Renesas Electronics Corporation, a premier supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, announced an update to its “Embedded Target for RH850 Multicore” model-based development environment for multicore...
SCALE-iDriver ICs

SCALE-iDriver ICs with AEC-Q100 Certification for Automotive Use

Power Integrations, the leader in gate-driver technology for medium- and high-voltage inverter applications, announced that two members of its SCALE-iDriver gate-driver IC family are...

Safety, emission control and intelligent sensors support the evolution of the Indian industry

Technological progress is the main driver of the Indian industry. Big steps forward have been taken to reduce road traffic fatalities and air pollution....

Mumbai gets its first DC Fast-Charger for Electric Vehicles

Delta Electronics India Pvt. Ltd, a leading Power and Energy management company, launched Mumbai’s first DC Fast-Charger station at Maharashtra Mantralaya. The EV Charging Station was launched by...
Car Air Purifier

Move Pure Car Air Purifier

An average Indian spends more than 2 hours in the car every day surrounded by pollutants in the form of – PM2.5, TVOC released...

Company Watch: Stüken Ready for Indian Automotive Industry

Here is article two in ELE Times' Company Watch series. Increasingly more powerful, increasingly more fuel efficient, increasingly safer - progress in the automotive industry has several...
TI mmWave sensors

From vehicles to the factory, mmWave sensors create a smarter world

One year after introducing the world’s most precise millimeter wave (mmWave) single-chip, complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) sensor, Texas Instruments (TI) announces the mass production of its highly...

EVs could Increase India’s Net Carbon Emissions: IEA

The International Energy Agency has said there will be a net increase in carbon emissions due to electric vehicles when considering life-cycle emissions in countries,...
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