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    Vehicle Safety on the Radar

    Along with Safety, ADAS is increasingly a standard performance feature for new cars. Both requirements are effectively met by the 77GHz mmWave radar. A vital component of ADAS, this radar solution can reduce the probability of accidents. It achieves this by transmitting modulated FMCW signal into the air through a patch-array phased antenna and mixing the echo signal and local oscillation that are received to extract the Intermediate Frequency signal. Processing the 2-D Fourier transform in the MCU unit extracts vital information like the relative velocity, relative distance, relative angle and relative motion direction of vehicle circumference and target. This information is processed by the automobile central processing unit to provide warning information to the driver or to take intervention measures in time.

    The safety of the vehicle is further enhanced by the S32R274 (processor) + TEF810 (radio frequency transceiver), enabling vehicles to sense the surrounding environment and anticipate potential collision risks.  This solution also comes with everything developers need to quickly design their own radar. These include complete hardware circuits such as patch-array phased antenna and complete evaluation software such as beam forming and CFAR based on S32R274.

    • Highly integrated automotive FMCW radar solution
    • Developed in accordance to ISO26262. Supporting ASIL-B applications
    • Car radar frequency band from 76 GHz to 81GHz
    • Signal Processing Toolbox (SPT) for RADAR signal processing acceleration
    • 2 MB on-chip code flash (FMC flash) with ECC

    Key components

    • TEF8102
    • FS32R274
    • SS8P3L-M3/86A
    ADAS-77GHz Radar Solution

    Target applications

    • Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB)
    • Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)
    • Narrow Path Assist
    • Lateral Collision Avoidance

    Block diagram

    ADAS-77GHz Radar Solution

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