Trends & Forecast

Trends & Forecast

Enterprise Cybersecurity

Only 65 Percent of Organizations Have a Cybersecurity Expert: Report

Despite 95 percent of CIOs expecting cyberthreats to increase over the next three years, only 65 percent of their organizations currently have a cybersecurity...
Enterprise Data Protection Reports

Businesses Collect More Data than they can Handle: Report

45% of Indian organizations can’t analyze or categorize all the consumer data they store 48% of IT professionals in India believe their organizations...
Global Marine Electronics Market

Marine Electronics Market Estimated to Reach US$ 7,745.3 Mn by 2028

Marine electronics comprises electronic devices designed for the marine environment. Marine electronic devices are water-resistant so that salt water cannot affect or destroy them....
Security and Risk Management Trends

Top 6 Security and Risk Management Trends

Business leaders are becoming increasingly conscious of the impact cybersecurity can have on business outcomes. Gartner, Inc. said that security leaders should harness this increased support...

Cryptocurrency Miner Malware grows 629 percent in Q1 2018, finds a Report

Coin miner malware grows 629% in Q1 2018 Lazarus cryptocurrency campaigns steal bitcoins from financial sector and users Gold Dragon targets Winter Games...

Few Organizations Have the Digital Dexterity to Adopt New Ways of Work Solutions: Report

As many organizations want to support mobile, team-oriented and nonroutine ways of work, an increasing number of them are looking for assistance in adopting digital...

Indian Electrical equipment industry records highest growth of 12.8% in seven years

The electrical and industrial electronics industry has witnessed a record double-digit growth of 12.8% in 2017-18. Although higher imports still plague the industry, policy...

Top 3 Trends in Flow Sensors and Their Significance for Manufacturers

Industrial flow measurement is gaining prominence with each passing day. The factors like environmental protection, worker safety, process optimization, and product quality among other...
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