Transtector Systems Granted Patent for Modular Protection Cabinet with Flexible Backplane

Transtector Systems, an industry leading provider of end-to-end power and signal integrity solutions, has been awarded a design patent for its military-grade modular protection cabinet with flexible backplane.

This patented design allows for swappable configurations of various data protocols in a shielded enclosure. Plus, filter protection modules mitigate high-altitude electromagnetic pulse (HEMP) and lightning induced transients. Additional standout features of this design include the ability for future migration as data protocols evolve and for replaceable modules in the field or depot.

“This design evolved from a customer request for a modernized version of an existing solution that would allow for future migration for data protocols. We took that request and ran with it, and the result was this exclusive modular protection cabinet with flexible backplane,” said Bill Magee, Industry Manager, Defense and Government for Transtector.

With this patented design, Transtector will now be able to provide the defense industry with a solution to mix and customize existing ground-based data protocols for each shelter. Transtector’s team worked for 18 months on the creative concept, electrical and mechanical design to fulfill the qualification process necessary to acquire this patent.

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