Altus to demonstrate the Latest Technology at the Southern Manufacturing and Electronics Exhibition

    Altus Group will be exhibiting at the Southern Manufacturing and Electronics exhibition in Farnborough from 5-7 February 2019 where they will demonstrate some of the latest technical trends on the market to help in the preparation of the Industry 4.0 revolution.

    Together with new supplier, Industore, providers of innovative storage solutions, Altus will present a range of equipment all of which work with the ‘SMART’ Manufacturing principle.

    One of the main focuses for the show will be Koh Young’s Zenith 3D AOI. Based on their innovative technology ‘Zenith’, it measures the true profilometric shape of components, solder joints, patterns and even foreign material on assembled PCBs with patented 3-dimensional measurement, overcoming the shortcomings and vulnerabilities of traditional 2D AOI.

    The importance of increasing traceability of component management and the reduction in labour intensive procedures will be another area of concentration for Altus with the presentation of equipment from one of the most recent additions to the portfolio – Scienscope.

    With an extensive range of component counting equipment, Scienscope is the only supplier with the capability of an inline system allowing for the highest level of automation in component counting on the market.

    One of the most recent additions to the range is the Scienscope AXC-800. This uses micro-focus x-ray technology and a high-resolution digital image detector for accurate counting of standard SMT or TH components. Its innovative technology encompasses the ability to inspect components in JEDEC trays (including BGA ball counting), ESD storage bags, storage tubes, or just about any form by using simplified algorithms built into the system for all types of components.

    The Altus team will be available to offer advice and expert knowledge of the latest capital equipment available to the electronics’ industry. For further information, visit Altus Group on stand L90 at the Southern Manufacturing and Electronics Exhibition from 5-7 February 2019.

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