R&M Conducts Data Center Training Program in Bangalore

Swiss cabling specialist R&M conducted a data center training event held in Bangalore on the 22nd and 23rd of August. The event brought together professionals in the data center industry within the span of two days to not only receive an R&M Data Center Designer Certification but to also connect, network and share industry insights as well as challenges.

The trainer for the event Mr. Andrew Sedman, Head of Technical Support & Training from R&M Switzerland, conducted a two agenda session, which is broken up into theoretical and practical learning for the participants.

 In India, R&M predicts outstanding growth in the building of world-class data centers over the next five years.  Already, R&M’s data center solutions have been widely deployed throughout the region across various verticals.  R&M, however, advises Indian planners to consider building next generation advanced data centers, keeping in mind the upcoming 40/100 Gigabit Ethernet standard and the importance of a scalable data center solution.

Gaurav AhluwaliaManaging Director at R&M said, “The event was exactly as we wanted it to be. It was great to see such a large turnaround for dedicated data center training and receive positive responses from the attendees.”


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