Recom launches DC/DC converters for railways rp40-fr series with EN and UL certifications

    RECOM introduces the new RP40-FR DC/DC converter series certified for use in rolling stock  as well as industrial applications requiring compliance with recognised safety standards.

    recomEN50155 certification ensures that the RP40-FR series is ideal for harsh environments which can be encountered in railway applications. The new series is also certified according to UL/cUL 60950-1 and is therefore also ideal for applications with higher input voltages in industry, telecommunications, and distributed power supply architectures.

    Along with a wide 4:1 input voltage range, RECOM DC/DC converters deliver 40W of regulated output power from single or dual outputs and come with an output trim function. The DC/DC converters include on/off remote control with positive or negative logic. The series is available with rated DC inputs of 24V or 48V with 1.6kVDC insulation or 110V with 3kVDC insulation. Due to very high efficiency up to 92%, a high power density is possible – 40W is available in 2×1 inches (50.8×25.4×10.2 mm without a heat sink or 56.8×25.4×16.8 mm with a heat sink). The converters in this series are equipped with short-circuit, overvoltage, overload, and overtemperature protection and have an extended operating temperature range of -40° to 105°C.

    RECOM provides a three-year guarantee on the RP40-FR series.

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