RAH Infotech Signs Distribution Agreement with FatPipe Networks for SD-WAN

RAH Infotech, India’s fastest growing value-added technology distributors, on 4th December 2017, announced that it has signed an agreement with FatPipe Networks to be the company’s national distributor.

FatPipe Networks is the inventor and multiple patents holder of software-defined wide area networks (SD-WAN) and hybrid WANs (Wide Area Networks). The company specializes in providing solutions that transcend WAN failures to maintain business continuity for thousands of customers across six continents, including numerous Fortune 1000 customers and has the largest installed base of customers in SD-WANs.

“FatPipe has been providing reliable, redundant and secure SD-WAN solutions since 2001. FatPipe invented this technology and holds a number of foundational patents for SD-WAN with more than 180 unique innovations. FatPipe’s real-world experience with SD-WAN provides a competitive edge and we are excited about this new partnership,” said Ashok Kumar, CEO, RAH Infotech.

“For customers seeking a single branch solution, FatPipe offers a highly affordable integrated solution that combines multi-line SD-WAN, firewall, antivirus and a web filter, as well as VPN and WAN optimization. With FatPipe offering a number of solutions for both enterprises and SMB customers, we look forward to doing some great business together in the region,” he added.

“RAH Infotech has a proven and time-tested record as being a leader in value-added network distribution in India. Our next-gen SD-WAN solutions will help their customers experience the highest performing networking solution that will result in zero downtime and increased business continuity and productivity,” said Sanch Datta, CTO, FatPipe Networks. 

For more information, visit www.rahinfotech.com

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