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    18 Electronic Manufacturing Clusters to be Set-Up by Government of India, Announces MeitY on LED Expo

    The absolute need for saving energy to live a better future is making many lighting companies experiment and come up with efficient alternatives to conventional lights. With an aim to continue leading the  LED revolution in India, combined with strong backing by government ministries and industrial associations, LED Expo 2017 was inaugurated on November 30, 2017, by –

    • Mr Rajoo Goel, Secretary General, ELCINA
    • Mr Shyam Sujan, Secretary General, ELCOMA
    • Mr S K Marwah, Director, Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology
    • Mr Raj Gaurav Batra, Director, Rabyte Electronics Pvt Ltd
    • Mr Ning Li, Sales Director, BP Semi
    • Mr Aditya Malik, Director, Glow Green Energy
    • Mr Gaurav Malkani, Managing Director, Fulham India  India
    • Mr Raj Manek, Executive Director and Board Member, Messe Frankfurt Asia Holding Ltd
    • Mr Rasheed Anwar, Group Exhibition Head, Messe Frankfurt Trade Fairs India Pvt Ltd

    Addressing the media and the delegates present at the inauguration ceremony, Mr S K Marwah, Director, Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology said: “The LED industry which is projected to grow at 30 per cent CAGR over the next five years will create a huge opportunity in Indian market and LED Expo will be an apt networking point for LED entrepreneurs, innovators and suppliers under one roof.   

    He also added, “Government is planning to set up 18 Electronic manufacturing clusters in India. Starting with Bhiwadi in Rajasthan

    The government will also continue its capital subsidy schemes to promote the growth of LED products and technologies in the Indian market.

    LED Expo opens in New Delhi with 75% increase in international participation

    Changing conventional lights to LED or energy efficient lights is becoming one of the most quintessential part in the country’s overall development. Due to rising awareness amongst the consumers, demand for a smart and connected lifestyle, and initiatives taken by the government, the LED industry is growing at a tremendous rate.

    The progress in the industry reflected on the 17th edition of LED Expo, as it plays host to over 360 exhibitors with 75% growth in international participation from countries like China, Demark, Finland, Germany, Hongkong, Italy, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, the UAE and the USA.

    Talking about the wonderful response, Executive Director and Board Member of Messe Frankfurt Asia Holding Ltd, Mr Raj Manek shared: “India has been an experimental space for this industry and as an exhibition, LED Expo 2017 will give the manufacturers and innovators a perfect platform to discuss business with the decision makers of the lighting sector. LED Expo has grown with every edition and the 17th edition of the fair has over 360 exhibitors showcasing technologically advanced solutions. I am very happy to see how LED Expo has moulded itself as one of the most prominent and influential platforms for the light industry.”

    Innovative products have always come with a notion of being highly priced. At LED Expo the products displayed not only concentrate on advanced technology but also on providing cost effective alternatives.

    Among the many highlights include:

    • Launch of solar emergency bulb with three solar panels and an emergency light backup of seven watts EcoEarth Electric Pvt Ltd that can prove a beneficial solution for India’s rural areas
    • Seen for the first time in India, highly customisable signages that showcase a million colours using addressable pixel LEDS controlled by microcontrollers by Stencil Point
    • Launch of LED bulkhead with polycarbonate reflectors that can save up to 80% of energy by Kundan Switchgears Pvt Ltd
    • SMD PCB terminal block and 221 series splicing connector by WAGO Pvt Ltd
    • Silan SD6835 device for 12v 2Amp LED strip light application by Millennium Semiconductors
    • Launch of 20KV SPD with thermal cut off and additional features like low clamping voltage, IP67, epoxy potted & 440V compliance by Fulham

    The show touched many industrial needs within the LED sector, showcasing an array of solutions to the key business visitors. Another interesting highlight at the show was the launch of Future Zone. This exclusive zone introduced at LED Expo, aims to bring next gen technology to India. Slim, flexible and cost-effective electroluminescent lighting strip system that can be used for numerous industrial and commercial areas by Light Tape is showcased at this high-tech zone.

    Continuing the string of highlights, LED Summit 2017, New Delhi will be conducted on 1 December 2017. The exclusive summit held at LED Expo will be a knowledge forum focusing on the topic “Accelerating Growth of LED Industry in India: Challenges & Opportunities.”

    LED Expo is strongly supported by government ministries and industry associations like the Chief Minister Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi;  Ministry of Power, Health, PWD & Industries; Ministry of Commerce and Industry (Make in India); Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (Digital India); Energy Efficiency Services Limited; Government of Maharashtra; Luminaire, Accessories, Components Manufacturers Association (LACMA); Electronic Industries Assocation of India (ELCINA); The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI); BSES Rajdhani Power Limited; Solar Energy Society of India (SESI) and Indian Buildings Congress (IBC).

    In support of the platform and its impact on create awareness about energy efficient and cost-effective lighting solutions in India, Mr Satyendra Kumar Jain; Minister of Home, Health, Power, PWD, and industries; Government of Delhi said: “I am happy to note that Messe Frankfurt India, a pioneer in organising shows worldwide in different sectors, is organising International LED Expo 2017. LED-based lighting technology is one of the fastest growing technologies that provides reliable, efficient, effective and durable lighting solutions for various applications. LED Expo will create awareness about energy efficient lighting quality, and money saving potential of the new products. The show will provide a forum for industry stakeholders to discuss, network and share business insights.”

    The exhibition will keep its doors open to trade, private and government professionals until 2 December 2017.

    For more information about the event, please visit

    ELE Times Research Desk
    ELE Times Research Desk
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