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Quantum Dots could result in building up cost efficient IR cameras

In order to build an inexpensive IR camera, research team at the University of Chicago leveraged the wide spectral tenability of colloidal quantum dots...
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Photonics based megatrends to be showcased at Photonics PPP Annual Meeting

One of Europe's most prominent gatherings of photonics leaders will highlight the importance of light technologies in digitisation megatrends like IoT, big data, artificial intelligence and...
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New laser based technique helps doctors image full eye in 3D

Scientists have developed a laser-based technique that can produce a full 3D image of all the layers of the retina, allowing doctors to better...
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Nanowire use could be advanced in silicon photonics by control of nanowire growth

A new way to grow nanowire networks has been developed in a highly controlled and fully reproducible manner by researchers from the Swiss Federal...
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Graphene-based wearables displayed at Mobile World Congress 2019

Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO) has developed a new device, which enables users to monitor their exposure level to sunlight through a UV sensor....
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The brand new laser lab and assembly facility enhance production capabilities

A focus on meeting growing customer demands in rapidly evolving data center and 5G markets is behind leading global manufacturer Source Photonics’ expansion. Source Photonics,...
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A comprehensive portfolio of Optical Transceivers launched to enable 5G Ramp

Source Photonics, which previously led market introduction of optical transceiver products for 3G and LTE networks, now announces a comprehensive portfolio of 5G products...
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Korean Researchers develop Foldable LED and 3D Image Sensing Core Chip

New Technology developments like foldable flexible perovskite LEDs and a core chip for 3D image sensors respectively have been achieved by researchers of the...
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