Photonics Summit

Photonics Summit to show Light Technologies vital to Digitization of Industry

The two-day Photonics PPP Annual Meeting entitled ‘Winning the Future – Europe’s Age of Light’ will also focus on the strategic development for the missions of the...
Quantum Computing

New Form of Light Could Enable Quantum Computing with Photons

Try a quick experiment: Take two flashlights into a dark room and shine them so that their light beams cross. Notice anything peculiar? The...

Best of two worlds: Combining Optical Tweezers with Time-Resolved Confocal Microscopy

As a joint development, PicoQuant and Ionovation combined time-resolved microscopy and optical tweezers in a single system. Both instruments retain their individual functionalities but...

Photonics will Create a Million Jobs in Europe by 2030

A vision paper published by Photonics 21 aims to set out a new strategy for the future of European photonics and to highlight what...
Mirphab CMP

CMP becomes the Broker for European Mid-Infrared Technologies

A new partner – CMP – has joined the MIRPHAB (Mid Infrared Photonics Devices Fabrication for Chemical Sensing and Spectroscopic Applications) consortium. MIRPHAB is...
aerotech product

ATX115SL/SLE Mechanical-Bearing, Screw-Driven Linear Stage

Aerotech’s ATX115SL and ATX115SLE linear positioning stages combine the performance capabilities of a high-precision crossed-roller-bearing positioner with the convenience and simplicity of a ball-screw...
LED Bulbs LiFi

LiFi: LED Bulbs as a Source of Internet, tests Government of India

Today, the internet is crucial. For all of us. In India, broadband speeds have increased, and the Wi-Fi has found its place in every...
AR3-NET-RAY Life-Saving Drones

Life-Saving Drones Use Photonics to Transform Disaster Rescue Efforts

Critical air quality information is needed for deploying emergency services, evacuations, and survival in the aftermath of a catastrophic event, such as a volcanic...
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