Industrial Technology Research Institute Collaborates with Anritsu on 400GE Testing Platform

Signal Quality Analyzers MP1800A Supports 56Gbaud PAM4/NRZ Test Signal Generation and Bit Error Rate Analysis Functions, Enable 400GE Device/Module Verification

Anritsu and ITRI

Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) and Anritsu Corporation announce collaboration to build a high-speed test lab to provide a bit error rate test (BERT) system with symbol rate up to 56Gbaud PAM4 and 56Gb/s NRZ per channel. This BERT system incorporates wideband optical spectrum analyzer (OSA), high-precision pulse pattern generator (PPG) and high-sensitivity error detector (ED) modules for generating high quality PAM/NRZ test signal outputs with fast Tr/Tf, low jitter & noise, and high amplitude, and supporting high-sensitivity, real-time error detection and analysis functions. It can be used for high-speed laser transceiver modules and silicon photonics related components, to accurately measure their characteristics as well as transmission and reception capabilities.

With this BERT system implementation, ITRI is expected to become the leading test lab for testing 400GE & Silicon Photonics related applications in Asia, giving a further booster to the goal of Taiwan’s future plan to become a high-speed photoelectric devices R&D center.

Anritsu Signal Quality Analyzer MP1800A is a plug-in module type BERT that can provide high-quality bit error rate analysis function using built-in PPG and ED modules. Combining the MP1800A with variety of remote probe heads allows the BERT to flexible support both 28G/56G NRZ and 28G/56Gboud PAM4 tests, and to output high-amplitude test signals of 4.4 Vp-p (differential, max.).

In addition, through the multi-channel PPG sync function can controls 3 Eye amplitudes of PAM4 signals independently, enables high-reproducibility evaluation of optical modulator without using an external driver amplifier. With built-in PAM4 decode and CTLE functions, the remote test platform also supports real-time PAM4 BER measurements using 28bit/s high sensitivity ED module, to improve system’s test and analysis capabilities.

Furthermore, Optical Spectrum Analyzer MS9740A can also provide high-quality analysis and signal detection for optoelectronic semiconductors and related passive components.

“With continued growth in network traffic driven by demanding of real-time audio and video, there is an urgent need for cloud data centers to support 400G Ethernet transmission, in response to explosive network data growth. ITRI will be dedicated to laser devices, a photodiode and silicon photonics research and development, providing optical devices and transceiver technologies required by 400GE, thereby enhancing Taiwan’s industry capacity,” said ITRI.

“Anritsu is proud to partner with ITRI. Through this partnership, it validates BER test capability of the Signal Quality Analyzer MP1800A, while recognizes Anritsu’s long-term commitment to fiber communication and high-speed circuits achievement. Anritsu believes these capabilities will also help to provide the best test environment for ITRI,” added Ivan Chen, General Manager of Anritsu Taiwan.

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