Integrated flexible electronics opens the path towards the electronic skin development

Human skin is a fascinating and multifunctional organ with unique properties originating from its flexible and compliant nature. It allows for interfacing with external...

Fuelling up today’s electronics with the astonishing Thermal Management Solutions

A variety of products have been launched throughout the year, to cater to very intrinsic need of thermal management in electronics manufacturing. These products...

Bringing a human touch to wearable tech with skin-like sensors

Researchers of University of Toronto Engineering have developed a super-stretchy, transparent and self-powering sensor that records the complex sensations of human skin. Dubbed artificial ionic...

New chlorophyll molecule to fuel up solar cells

Photosynthesis, the process by which some organisms convert sunlight into chemical energy, is well known. But, it is a complex phenomenon, which involves a...

Witnessing a safer disposal of printed circuit boards

Printed circuit boards are vital components of modern electronics. However, once they have served their purpose, they are often burned or buried in landfills,...

Technology that Speaks the Same Language

Goo Goo Gaga is a simple interjection. It is onomatopoeia from the Greek “onoma” for “name” and “poiein” for “to make,” meaning “to make a...

Fuelling up stretchable vibration-powered device using a liquid electret

A liquid electret material has been developed by researchers, which is capable of semi-permanently retaining static electricity. They subsequently combined this material with soft...
Wearables of 2020

Wearables: Ease with Real Time Status

Different gadgets to monitor various activities and data; powerlessness to perform multiple tasks when your hands are caught up with holding your mobile device...
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