GOEPEL electronic announces the newest version of X-ray inspection system X Line•3D

GOEPEL electronic announced the newest version of the industry proven X-ray inspection system X Line·3D. The new Series 300 is a pioneering solution for automatic inspection of double-sided PCBs combining 3D AXI and AOI into one system. Mechanical changes and a revision of the system software enhance test speed for even higher cycle times with lower maintenance requirements.

X-ray inspection system X Line•3D
Newest version of X-ray inspection system X Line•3D

In the X Line 3D Series 300, a substantially revised axle system has been integrated, the mechanical requirements for increased speed and even faster image acquisition have been created and electrical and mechanical components have been further standardized and simplified, allowing for better and quicker access for maintenance purposes.

In addition to technical changes, numerous software innovations have been included in the Series 300. The intelligent 2D mode enables fast inspection of single-sided PCBs without the typical distortion of X-ray images. In this way, a consistent component inspection is possible at any point in the image field. Customers with a 3D system can enable the option as desired. An upgrade of the 2D system for three-dimensional inspection of double-sided PCBs is possible in the aftermath.

The system software PILOT AXI features an improved offline programming concept. All AXI and AOI data for test program generation can be acquired at once on the system. With a new debug statistic, test programs can be created and debugged even more quickly and efficiently. Also, new algorithms in the software of the X Line 3D provide improved detection of solder balls and Head-in-pillow defects under BGAs.

Further information about the company and its products can be found on the internet at: www.goepel.com.

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