GOPEL Introduces automatic test programs for mixed signal designs


A new software tool from GÖPEL electronic allows test programs to be automatically generated from analogue/digital designs. The mixed-signal test generator automates test sequences which until now have been generated manually, dramatically reducing the overall conditioning and parametrisation work involved. As a result, project creation is safer, more effective and more flexible.

automatic test programs for mixed signal designs

The first test generator of its kind in the world is integrated in the boundary scan software platform SYSTEM CASCON. It has been specifically optimised to support the new CION-LX chip, a mixed-signal JTAG Tester-on-Chip. The test generator therefore offers a wide range of functions, ranging from frequency measurement and generation or recording of analogue values to dynamic output and digitisation of analogue waveforms. In principle, any number of identical or different instruments can be activated simultaneously and controlled in interaction with boundary scan test vectors. The test generator has high-performance measurement, analysis, and output functions for conditioning the entire test procedure. These functions guarantee a high level of efficiency when implementing mixed-signal applications. Outputting the test program as CASLAN source code, a special JTAG/boundary scan mixed-signal high-level language, provides a high degree of flexibility. This makes the test fully debuggable and adaptable.  The mixed-signal operations can easily be combined with other boundary scan procedures, Flash programming, processor emulation tests or applications of FPGA-embedded instruments.

On the hardware side, the mixed-signal test generator supports both the JTAG/boundary scan platform SCANFLEX and also the new CION-LX modules/FXT96 and FXT192. Test programs can be generated on all SYSTEM CASCON development stations.

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