GOEPEL introduces New Camera Module for Large THT inspection

    GOEPEL electronic presents at this year’s SMT/Hybrid/Packaging in Nuremberg a further evolution of the award-winning AOI system THT-Line providing shorter cycle times. The heart of the system is the newly developed camera module MultiEyeS, which offers large-scale, high-resolution image acquisition at unprecedented speeds without any motion. This allows, as an example, inspection of any number of THT components within an area of 490 mm x 390 mm in less than 7 seconds. Another highlight of MultiEyeS is the focus range of 100 mm, allowing for inspection of extremely high components.

    New Camera Module for Large THT inspection
    New Camera Module for Large THT inspection

    In addition to the integration of the camera module MultiEyeS for THT component inspection, integration of an independently functioning inspection system for solder joints is possible. It can be used either in the lower return transport or also in the upper conveyor system. This enables combinational variants that provide numerous ways to effectively adapt the overall system into the user-specific manufacturing process. A typical application has the upper inspection module inspecting components prior to wave solder and the lower inspection module inspecting solder quality after wave solder. This makes it possible for one system to inspect both components and solder. While this configuration is typical, the inspection modules can be flexibly used in many configurations. In addition to the accumulating roller transport for assemblies in a workpiece carrier, optionally a tape transport for assemblies without a workpiece carrier is available. Thereby, inspection of selective solder joints on assemblies transported on workpiece carriers is possible in the manufacturing process.

    The optional integration of a laser height measuring system for the control of coplanarity (as with connectors) or for height measurements on various components complete the variety of configurations possible and provides the user additional possibilities for quality control.

    Further information about the company and its products can be found on the internet at:

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