Gartner Reaction on Budget 2017


Partha Iyengar, Gartner, VP and Gartner Fellow
  • Budget 2017 is notable first for the fact that the government has maintained fiscal discipline and resisting the urge to come up with a populist budget given the upcoming elections in a number of states.
  • So, this is not a ‘political’ budget, which was a big fear.
  • In more specific terms, the biggest positive is the continued focus on infrastructure (roads, railway, housing, tier-II airports et al) in general and rural infrastructure (affordable homes, rural electrification) in particular, including e-infrastructure with the increased allocation to BharatNet (erstwhile NOFN).
  • This will allow commercial activity to expand to the rural segment in a much more efficient manner, if the aim of achieving the broadband connectivity targets by 2018 is actually met.
  • The continued focus on moving India towards a more transparent and digital economy is encouraging, in order to really capitalize on the long-term gains of the painful demonetization exercise.
  • The moves to curb the black economy also bodes well for accelerated GDP growth as more of the ‘shadow economy’ becomes visible and integrated into the overall economic activity.

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