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    Electrolube’s SC4003 Resin Proven To Reduce Heat in EV Battery Packs

    Electrolube, the global manufacturer of specialist electro-chemicals, has provided a pioneering solution for an electric 3-wheeler automotive customer in India with great success. The customer required an innovative resin to improve a thermal management issue and encapsulate cells within the battery pack itself. Electrolube, widely known as the solutions people, supplied the SC4003 resin to help increase thermal performance with impressive results. The resin has featured in production as the company’s key encapsulation solution for the last 6 months and has successfully reduced the total operating temperature on the Li-ion cell surface by 25°C.

    Designed specifically for the Indian market, SC4003 is a thixotropic two-part silicone potting and encapsulating resin with excellent high-temperature properties. Suitable for use in applications where the operating temperature will be up to 200°C, its flexibility also allows for temperature cycling. The SC4003 resin enables good flow characteristics that facilitate the potting of difficult and complex geometries and exhibits low stress on components. With a simple 1:1 mix ratio for ease of processing, SC4003 has a high thermal conductivity of 1.0 W/m.K.

    Electrolube has an extensive portfolio of encapsulation resins, however, the SC4003 was selected for this application because of its excellent high-temperature resistance, flexibility, and high thermal conductivity. With high dielectric strength of 20 kV/mm, SC4003 has a wide operating temperature range from -60°C to 200°C. Additionally, the black silicone resin cures at room temperature, therefore no ovens are required, and is easily repairable, making light work of any future maintenance. Electrolube has developed a special cleaning solvent blend, OP9005, designed to dissolve silicone resin. OP9005 is a highly effective resin and coating remover that works by swelling and softening cured silicone and residue to enable their removal from most substrates. The silicone cleaning solvent digests silicone deposits through depolymerization and dissolution, leaving a silicone-free surface. OP9005 is ideal for applications requiring rework and is suitable for use on a variety of substrates.

    Electrolube India’s General Manager, Padmanabha Shaktivelu comments, “The SC4003 black silicone resin has proven to be a very successful solution to fully optimize the performance of the EV battery in electric vehicles. We are fortunate to have strong R&D support and technical expertise across multiple continents that enables us to provide reliable solutions rapidly and efficiently to our customers.”

    Ron Jakeman, Electrolube’s Managing Director, comments, “The SC4003 encapsulation resin is an excellent choice for improving the thermal performance in electric vehicle batteries, which is so important in this location and application. The electronics industry in India is very dynamic and ever-growing and our collaborative solutions are eagerly being sought after by local manufacturers to help improve the quality and reliability of their end-products.

    For further information about the SC4003 resin and further products from Electrolube’s key product groups, which include conformal coatings, thermal management solutions, contact lubricants, service and maintenance aids, and cleaning solutions.

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