Edimax unveils 2 x 2 AC1200 Dual-Band In-Wall PoE Access Point

Edimax India launched Edimax IAP1200 2 x 2 AC1200 Dual-Band In-Wall PoE Access Point.


  • 802.11ac High Speed Dual-Band
  • In-wall Design with Easy Installation Kit
  • Compact Ultra slim Housing Design
  • Designed for High Density BYOE Usage
  • Multiple SSIDs up to 32 for Security Management
  • Fast Roaming Roams smoothly between APs without lag or interruption
  • Wide Coverage & High Sensitivity
  • Seamless Mobility
  • Supports IEEE 802.3af PoE (Power over Ethernet)
  • Built-In RADIUS Server: With management for up to 256 user accounts.
  • Business Environments, Suitable for Commercial Applications 
  • Central Management with Edimax Pro Network Management Suite (NMS)
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