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    Matrix provided Communication Platform solution to Leading Bank

    Matrix Comsec is the worldwide leader of Telecom and Security solutions, delivering cutting-edge, industry specific solutions. Matrix recently provided a communication solution to one of the reputed banks of KSA seeking a communication system that can help them in extending their reach to the end customer. Reaching end customers for promotional activities and debt collection with an unrecognizable caller number and reduced communication cost was the foremost requirement of the customer. The case details are as follows:


    • Unable to Connect with End-customers for Promotions and Debt Collection
    • Connect Multiple Branch Office
    • Wireless Connectivity for Remote Location
    • End customers avoided calls by identifying switchboard and land-line numbers.
    • Reduced reachability ratio leads to less debt collection and impacts business.
    • Telecom Regulations Barres Masking of Calling numbers


    • Remote location 1: ETERNITY ME as GSM Gateway with 25 SIMs
    • Remote location 2: ETERNITY ME as GSM Gateway with 25 SIMs
    • DR Site: ETERNITY ME as GSM Gateway with 50 SIMs
    • Main office: Two ETERNITY LE as GSM Gateways with 90 SIM Cards each
    • Four GSM Gateway with 350+ GSM/3G SIM Capacity
    • Multi-location Setup Connected over IP
    • Gateway System with easily Replaceable SIM Cards
    • Centrally Manageable System with built-in Industry Standard Telecom Protocol


    • Increase in Debt Collection Revenue
    • Reduction in Call Rejection Ratio
    • Reduced Recurring Telco Expenses
    • Easy and Quick Shift to other Connectivity Protocols and Devices
    • Visibility on Statistics and Call Outcomes

    “Matrix Banking solution helped many banking giants in connecting multiple locations and reducing communication cost across the globe. Matrix, with its State-of-the-art solutions, has caught attention of many people worldwide and is continually growing day by day”, added Sagar Gosalia, Sr. VP Sales & Marketing.

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