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    Deploy and Scale DDoS Protection in the Public Cloud

    At present companies are constantly worried if  their DDoS attack protection are powerful enough to absorb and protect against different sizes of DDoS attacks.

    Thankfully  new developments in AWS  such as the Gateway Load Balancer (GWLB) can now help companies with DDoS protection for their public cloud workloads at scale and without having to worry about licensing requirements and sufficient computing powers.  This allows them to protect automatically against both low volume attacks and the largest volumetric attacks.

    Without doubt Cloud Security is Supreme

    As network architectures get more complex, there is added pressure to secure the new points of attack vulnerability. Cloud environments introduce a significantly large attack surface that requires protection from cyberattacks.

    To complicate matters, the onset of this year’s pandemic has forced companies to fast-track the migration of digital assets to the cloud. In doing so, they also inadvertently increased the attack surfaces from which hackers can try to disrupt and DDoS attack their data and applications.

    Indeed, organizations face a multitude of threats and attacks daily. And make no mistake, it is a struggle to scale security infrastructures at the same pace as technological advances implemented inside networks, especially when timelines were accelerated by the pandemic.

    At-Scale Protection and the benefits

    One of the biggest issues companies face when moving to the public cloud is the necessary calculation of their future computing resources usage (bandwidth) for their DDoS protection. In the best-case scenarios, they find themselves overpaying for unnecessary computing powers. And in the worst-case scenarios, they are unprepared and ill-equipped against large, disrupting attacks without having enough protection bandwidth.

    Solutions like GWLB provide auto-scaling capabilities that eliminate the guesswork related to licensing and reserving computer resources. So, customers benefit from better cost management, without needing to worry about overpaying, while also having the best protection for DDoS attacks, regardless of attack size.

    Moreover, this at-scale capability also ensures availability and service delivery even when the worst happens. As with all online resources, sometimes they fail due to misconfiguration, load balancing faults, network congestions, and other unseen problems.

    Solutions such as the  DefensePro VA has the capability of auto-recovery for continuous availability and the best protection service delivery, even when unpredictable errors occur.

    So Let’s Cut to the Chase

    Companies can explore solutions that best auto-scale DDoS protection in the market for their public cloud workloads. Thanks to GWLB’s latest development, companies  get to enjoy auto-scaling capabilities to eliminate guesswork, remove overpaying and over licensing, and of course, constant DDoS mitigation capabilities against all attack sizes.

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    By Nikhil Taneja, Vice President & Managing Director - India , SAARC , Middle East & GSI at Radware
    By Nikhil Taneja, Vice President & Managing Director – India , SAARC , Middle East & GSI at Radware
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