Contributing Authors

Contributing Authors

Internet of Things

How to adapt an existing design for use in the Internet of Things

Since the time the Internet revolution started gaining momentum in the 1990’s, much has evolved. From a point of doubting its success and longevity,...
Opportunity Thriving in Crisis

An Opportunity Thriving in Crisis

We know that we can never express the sense of gratitude to the fullest extent in words, still, it is a humble attempt to...
Amazon Web Services

Case Study: Amazon Web Services assets protection

As organizations migrate computing workloads to publicly hosted clouds, IT and security administrators face new security challenges. Cloud environments make it easy to deploy...

Design Challenges and the Impact on Coating Success

As assemblies become ever more densely populated, and housing /casing designs become more permeable to save weight, the use of conformal coatings is becoming...
Industrial Ethernet

Ethernet-APL: Optimization of Process Automation with Actionable Insights

Ethernet-APL (advanced physical layer) specifies the details of the application of Ethernet communication to sensors and actuators for the process industry and will be...
DDoS Protection

Watch out for these Seven L7 DDoS attacks

The nature of DDoS attacks is changing. Not too long ago, large-scale network-layer floods were attackers’ tools of choice, using malformed TCP and UDP...
boost converters

Multiply the Power of a boost converters with a Versatile Phase Expander

Introduction There’s a general understanding in the engineering community that multiphase functionality required when boost converters must supply high output voltages, work from low input...

The Immense Potential and Daunting Challenges of 5G

Even if you are not consumed by wireless technology, it is hard to miss 5G. Naturally, it was the biggest topic at Mobile World Congress...

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