Contributing Authors

Contributing Authors

System Downtime

System Downtime: What does it Cost Companies?

Server downtime is an issue that plagues the vast majority of organizations. When servers go down, many—if not all—of an organization’s most critical applications...
Cloud Security

9 Ways to Ensure Cloud Security

Whether you’ve migrated some or all your infrastructure to the cloud, or are still considering the move, you should be thinking about security. Too...
Augmented Reality

Shaping Smarter Cities: Thanks to Augmented Reality, Not All Statues Are Mute

Recently I was reading an article about Dadbot—the chatbot created by James Vlahos that aimed to emulate his father. The idea for the project...

Tesla’s Newest High-Power Batteries

Let’s take a look at the newest high-power batteries for electric vehicles (EVs) and grid energy storage applications being produced by Tesla at its...
Digital Supply Chain

Securing the Digital Supply Chain

Ensuring a secure supply chain is a necessary precondition in today’s world of commerce. The digital supply chain has emerged as the weakest link...
Cyber Insurance

Cyber Insurance: What exactly is cyber insurance and why you need it?

Well, Cyber insurance cannot defend your organization from cybercrime, but it can maintain your business on secure financial foothold in case a noteworthy security...
Modern Malware

FIVE WAYS in which Modern Malware can defeat your defenses

Malware is a key vector for data breaches. Research shows that 51% of data breaches include the usage of malware, whether for initial breach,...
smart grids

Smart Grids Overcome Renewable Energy Variability and Uncertainty

Renewable Energy (RE, which includes hydro, biomass, and geothermal as well as the more familiar photovoltaic (PV) and wind) faces it critics. At one...
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