Contributing Authors

Contributing Authors

Grocery Shopping Automation

Not Your Mom’s Trip to the Market: Grocery Shopping Automation

Fifty-five years ago, America and other countries around the world watched as George Jetson literally dropped his kids (in pods) off at school and...
Data Hackproof

Is Your Data Hackproof?

Just when the global cyber community was slowly recovering from the infamous WannaCry ransomware attacks that caused havoc across the globe last year, two...
Trends in the Cyberattack Landscape

Trends in the Cyberattack Landscape, Security Threats and Business Impacts

C-suite executives understand that to transform their businesses, they must embrace the integration of new technologies. Most rank improvement in information security and business...
Wearable Technology and its Health Applications

Non-Invasive Blood Glucose Measurement Remains Just Out of Reach

According to the International Diabetes Federation’s 2015 report, an estimated 415 million people suffer from diabetes. That year, one person died every six seconds...
smart city IoT Connectivity

LPWA Technologies are the Gateway to IoT Connectivity for Smart Cities in India

Smart city trial programmes are becoming ubiquitous globally, and the connectivity infrastructure is aligning with low power wide area (LPWA) technologies to enable applications...
Bitcoin Mining threats

How and Why Bitcoin Mining Poses Security Risks

From 2017 to 2018, the cost of one Bitcoin increased over one thousand percent. This rapid growth dominated headlines and ignited a cryptocurrency boom that left...
DDoS Attack

Machine Learning Algorithms for Zero Time to DDoS Attack Mitigation

DDoS attacks are growing in complexity and volume and represent a major threat to any organization. Service providers and enterprises require expertise and knowledge...
Network Monitoring

The 3 Dragons of Network Monitoring

Network performance can be a beast. But the IT team that is properly prepared, with the right tools, can prevail in even the most difficult...
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