Contributing Authors

Contributing Authors

battery management system

Accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles through wireless battery management system (WBMS)

The automobile industry in India is one of the most important drivers of economic growth, and it plays a vital role with high involvement...
Open Banking

Open Banking Compliance

The European Parliament adopted the PSD2 (Payment Services Directive) which aims to promote development and use of innovative mobile and online payments through Open...
Atmanirbhar in Electronics

Making India Atmanirbhar in Electronics

Given the current geopolitical situation, the govt must reform its policies for Electronics manufacturing, to enable India’s security and self-reliance In 1996, ITA 1 agreement...
Post and Pre Covid Situation

The world before coronavirus and after cannot be the same 

After thousands of years of world civilisations and countless lessons learnt throughout human history, it is not a perfect world still. Like an individual’s...

Protecting crucial Data & Assets by APAC organisation

COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted the security of businesses and individuals worldwide. While some industries have been severely hit, others are experiencing sudden and...
dynamic loop response

Improving dynamic loop response

A dc-to-dc converter regulates a varying input voltage to a (usually) fixed output voltage via a feedback control system. The feedback control system should...

Mantra to choose the appropriate DDoS Mitigation Strategy- Keep it Simple

The cyber industry offers a plenitude of DDoS Mitigation solutions. Competition may be misleading as providers highlight terms such as mitigation capacity, layered protections or...
Internet of Things

How to adapt an existing design for use in the Internet of Things

Since the time the Internet revolution started gaining momentum in the 1990’s, much has evolved. From a point of doubting its success and longevity,...
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