Atrenne Integrated introducing electronics  packaging for circuit cards to work above 50,000 feet

Atrenne Integrated Solutions Inc. in Brockton, Mass., is introducing electronics packaging to enable circuit cards to function well in airborne applications that reach high altitudes, well above 50,000 feet.

Atrenne announced an extension to the company’s small form factor (SFF) 760 Series electronic packaging design that enables off-the-shelf Mini-ITX and PCI Express cards to be deployed in high-altitude applications.

Commercial components typically are not designed to operate in reduced-pressure environments, Atrenne officials point out. For example, standard aluminum electrolytic capacitors, are designed for atmospheric pressure corresponding to 10,000 feet and below.

Atrenne created a hermetically sealed rugged enclosure that maintains a consistent atmospheric pressure, essentially simulating a lab operating environment. To maintain a seal, Atrenne uses a gasket to buffer mechanical occlusions between the two precisely machined aluminum surfaces of the enclosure.

This packaging approach also maintains a seal around fiber optic cables, I/O cables and connectors, as well as mitigates the effects of vibration, shock, and temperature extremes.

The Atrenne 760 electronics packaging won a gold award in the 2016 Military & Aerospace Electronics and Avionics Intelligence Technology Innovation Awards.

With a robust enclosure design, the system isolates sensitive internal electronics from harsh environmental conditions. For more information contact Atrenne online at

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