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    AT & S lends helping hand in fight against COVID-19 in Karnataka

    AT & S India, a wholly owned subsidiary of AT & S AG, the global market leader for high-end Printed Circuit Boards and one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Inter Connect substrates, has started the delivery of high end 8 layer Printed Circuit Boards as part of National COVID-19 Technology Response Team with the Mysuru ESDM members to make ventilators for the Karnataka state requirement on top priority and to be also ready to serve any other national requirements at the time of crisis. AT & S India has already received orders for catering to PCB requirement for 15 thousand ventilator units out of the total projected demand of one lakh units.

    AT & S India has extended a helping hand in fight against Covid-19 in Karnataka on multiple fronts. The company has announced making a contribution of INR Two million to the Karnataka Chief Minister Relief Fund towards the state’s fight against the Corona pandemic.

    Mr Sunil Banwari, MD & COO, AT & S India, said: “AT & S India is proud to join hands with the state of Karnataka and India in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic. We have already started delivery on the required high end 8 layer PCBs for emergency manufacturing program of ventilators. AT & S manufactured PCBs will facilitate life-critical ventilators to offer necessary interface between the health professionals and the machine that pumps oxygen, enabling COVID-19 patients to breathe. AT & S India employees and management considers this opportunity as a chance to serve the country and people of Karnataka by working to save the corona infected lives on ventilators.”

    “PCBs manufactured by AT & S have been the magic force behind sophisticated pacemakers, hearing aid, prostheses, implantable drug delivery systems, and may more technological wonders, amongst others”, he added.

    AT & S committed itself for this emergency PCB manufacturing program for ventilators after taking all required safety measures and obtaining all necessary permissions from the state and district administration for running operations. The company has always accorded top priority for health and safety of employees, suppliers and business partners and, in pursuance, AT & S India has ensured total compliance with COVID-19 guidelines from Karnataka government and also World Health Organization for its operations.

    AT & S India is the first PCB company to operate during the countrywide Corona lockdown in country and deliver successfully on the life critical project. These ventilators are being manufactured in state of Karnataka with active support from the Government of India and a host of reputed organizations from both public and private sector.

    Mr RS Simha, MD & CFO, AT & S India, said: “As a responsible corporate entity, we are truly living the AT & S AG group corporate mission – We care about people! We regularly undertake programs that have touched the lives of thousands of people in a positive way and our current humble contribution to Hon’ble Karnataka Chief Minister’s Relief Fund is step forward in same direction. The state government of Karnataka has officially recognized AT & S India as part of Emergency Response Team for COVID -19 and a Provider of Essential Services in its fight against Corona virus in the state.”

    “The employees of AT & S India have stood in their line of duty towards fellow citizens in
    Karnataka’s fight against Corona virus by making themselves available for work on the project despite the pandemic related difficulties”, Mr Simha added.

    AT & S India has always held the flag high for Karnataka in the manufacturing and export of high end printed circuit boards. AT & S India supports key global electronic trends in Automotive, Industrial and Medical applications, including miniaturisation, machine-to- machine communication for wearables, networking of vehicles, and internet of things. The company employs close to 1250 people, more than 98% of whom are from the state of Karnataka. Since 1999, it Makes In India for premium customers across the world including Europe, USA and Asia Pacific regions.

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