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    Pega Helps Bavarian Government Provide Faster Relief to SMEs Following COVID-19 Outbreak

    Pegasystems Inc. (NASDAQ: PEGA), the software company empowering digital transformation at the world’s leading enterprises, has announced the development of a new application and process system for the Bavarian government to provide emergency COVID-19 financial aid to self-employed workers, farmers, and small to medium-sized companies. Hosted in secure, scalable data centers by T-Systems, the solution will allow those eligible for assistance to apply through an entirely digital process, which will accelerate the distribution of funds where they are most needed.

    Pega worked alongside the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs and T-Systems to develop the system in just five days. As of April 7, more than 108,500 Bavarian companies had already used the application to apply for assistance.

    The solution, developed with the highly configurable low-code capabilities of the Pega Platform™, replaces the existing process, which required applicants to manually complete, scan, and email documents to the application centers. The new process lets applicants enter their data online, which allows administrators to review and approve claims far more quickly. Payment orders for successful applicants are then automatically forwarded to the
    relevant administrative staff of the Free State of Bavaria and the City of Munich, before a
    payment notification is generated and received by the approved self-employed workers,
    farmers, and businesses via email.

    The system also allows government staff to access the application from their workstation at
    home – which would be problematic in the old manual system. In addition, it offers a
    statistical evaluation of the speed and efficiency of the application process, which will allow
    the ministry to refine and improve it further in the weeks ahead.

    Quotes & Commentary:

    “With this new online procedure, we will be able to speed up the processing of applications
    to the district governments and the state capital of Munich,” said Hubert Aiwanger, Bavarian Minister of Economic Affairs. “I would like to thank Pegasystems and T-Systems for their extremely high level of commitment to helping self-employed workers, farmers, and businesses in need get the relief they need more quickly.”

    “The new system will save a lot of time,” said Harald Esch, vice president and managing
    director, DACH, Pegasystems. “There are approximately 500 clerks within the ministry who
    were previously buried under a pile of time-consuming documents. Now, they can process
    applications much faster, providing applicants with the liquidity aid they need much more

    “I’m proud of how quickly we were able to build this system,” said Jörg Scholz, vice
    president public sales and head of IT business, T-Systems. “In just five days, including a
    weekend, to give self-employed workers, farmers, and small and medium-sized companies
    the financial support they need so urgently.”

    For more information, visit

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