Advanced common mode chokes save space on PCBs

Distributor Solid State Supplies has a range of chokes from Pulse Electronics that offer markedly reduced volumetric dimensions, maximising impedance per unit volume by use of nanocrystaline cores.

Measuring 32.0 x 12.6 x 10.0 mm and 42 x 27 x 46 mm respectively, the PH9455xNL and PA441xNL series employ nanocrystalline cores, which results in a quadrupling of the impedance over conventional ferrite core chokes of the same dimensions and winding arrangements. The PA441xNL series’ inductance range covers 14 mH (at 8A) to 35 mH (at 5A), while the PH9455xNL series has an inductance range that spans 1.00 mH (at 22.0A) to 82.0 mH (at 3.0A).

Both series exhibit a 1500 Vrms dielectric strength. The superior common mode noise rejection of these components means they are suitable for EMI filtering tasks in AC/DC, DC/DC and DC/AC power sources where limited available space is available, as well as in solar inverters and motor drives. They also offer high levels of temperature stability.

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