Value Instruments from Rohde & Schwarz

Precise, Reliable and Universal measuring instruments at budget price


ELE Times: What is the significance of this portfolio for Rohde &Schwarz?
Rohde & Schwarz: The simplest answer is to become a full-portfolio test and measurement supplier to offer our customers a one-stop shop for all of their technical measuring and sourcing needs.

For R&S it offers a significant growth opportunity entering new markets, serving new customers all with a new way to sell to our customers, too.

ELE Times: How is R&S progressing with the Value Instrument portfolio. Any roadmap that you can share with us?
Rohde & Schwarz: Since mid-2014 the HAMEG products have been sold under the R&S logo and we have embarked on a whole new portfolio that we have been introducing:
Last year we introduced several new products including the HMO1202 oscilloscope, the HMC8015 power analyzer and both the RTH and FPH handheld instruments for the time domain and frequency domains. The RTH was a 10-bit handheld 5:1 instrument (lab performance scope, logic analyzer, protocol analyzer, data logger, digital multimeter) that was at home in the lab or the field with IP51 housing and CAT IV (600V) and CAT III (1000V) ratings.

We are infusing more capability into instrumentation so that customers finds satisfaction with the price range. -Bob Bluhm

The FPH extended R&S’s Spectrum Analyzer portfolio from the high-end to the handheld markets by offering the lightest weight, longest battery life, shortest boot-up, versatile instrument that was also at home in the lab or the field with a rugged IP51 housing, too.

Today’s introductions of the RTB2000, FPC1000 and NGE mere a great example of offering our customers instruments that offer both features/performance that are first in their class as well as best in their class… a great value for your money. (Notice that word again – Value)
RTB2000: brings 10-bit ADCs, a 10 inch capacitive touch screen and deep memory into entry-level oscilloscopes for the first time. In combination, users can not only resolve their signals in detail vertically as well as horizontally but also see this detail on a high-resolution screen.

Our vision of 2020 is to be the biggest T & M player in India. Value is one of the pillars which will help us to achieve the goal. -Nasser Jariwala

FPC1000: redefines the entry class for spectrum analysis by offering the greatest frequency range, lowest noise, highest resolution instrument with the largest screen in its class. The FPC1000 gives users an investment protection by allowing key code bandwidth upgrades from a basic instrument purchase to allow the user to upgrade as they need.

NGE100: Rounds out the user’s bench by offering a 2 or 3 channel 66W/100W power supply all with galvanically isolated channels. The supply offers the fastest command processing time in its class, a first in its class electronic fuse that can be user adjusted for each channel to protect against over current spikes and also an easy ARB function that allows programming time/voltage or time/current sequences.

Each of the instruments also adds a new way to control, monitor and collaborate with other users with the ability to control the instruments via Wi-Fi, too!

All of these instruments are German designed with the high quality standard you expect from Rohde and Schwarz.

i) Investment protection by frequency upgradability via key code
ii) Better sensitivity coupled with 1 Hz RBW filter
iii) Wi-Fi enabled for ease of virtual control thru Android/IOS App

In short: For this price range customers are getting the best in class banner specifications, first in class screen sizes (FPC and RTB), highest resolution measurement capabilities to allow for measurement confidence, reliability and trust from a German engineering and manufacturing company that has been doing this for 84 years this year.

Today’s introductions are a great example of more of what you can expect to see from us in the future.