Value Instruments from Rohde & Schwarz

Precise, Reliable and Universal measuring instruments at budget price

Value Instruments from Rohde & Schwarz are precise, reliable and universal measuring products like oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, signal generators, power supplies and network analyzers. R&S value Instruments combine practical features with excellent measurement characteristics and are easy to use. The Value products are especially designed for users who want high quality products at budget price.

ELE Times recently interviewed Bob Bluhm, Vice President Global -Value Instruments, Kevin Kuek, Channel Manager Asia and Nasser S Jariwala – Divisional Head, Test & Measurement India, during their visit to New Delhi and discussed at length, the Value Instrument Portfolio that has a special focus of top management in Rohde & Schwarz .

All three of them were upbeat on this product portfolio which they believe will be a key growth driver for Rohde & Schwarz in the upcoming years.

ELE Times: Please elaborate the idea behind the “Value Instruments” portfolio and how is it different from other product lines of R&S.
Rohde & Schwarz: Rohde & Schwarz focuses on five key business Fields: Test and measurement, Broadcast and media, Cyber security, Secure communication and radio monitoring & radiolocation. Within the test and measurement business R&S has been a leader in high-end wireless communication market. Value instruments will expand R&S’s field of play in several areas within the general-purpose T&M market.

  • Lower end spectrum and vector analysis markets
  • Time domain analysis (scope) market
  • Lower end frequency and time domain source markets
  • DC sources/loads, power analysis & Audio Analyzers

ELE Times: Is there any deep thought around the world “Value”? Could you please elaborate this?
Rohde & Schwarz: I certainly wouldn’t call it deep thinking…
I’ve seen various terms used to describe this market: basic, low-cost, general purpose, low-end, economy, economy plus, etc. For me those words have a connotation around price and or capability. The word “Value” does not necessarily have these connotations. I consider a “value instrument” an instrument that is easy to configure and easy to sell. Customers in any market, high end or low end, are still looking to solve their technical problems confidently, reliably and within their budgets. They are looking for the best value for their investments.

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