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    Unveiling the latest multi-in-one presentation matrix switches for impactful professional presentations

    ATEN, the largest KVM manufacturer in the world and a leading provider of AV/IT connectivity and management solutions, announced the addition of two new products to its array of presentation matrix switches. The presentation switches are tailor-made with innovative features to satisfy a wide variety of meeting space demands in meeting rooms, boardrooms, and other presentation environments, with the purpose of facilitating professionalism in collaboration, communications and sharing that are vital for success in this information-centric world.

    To meet all the varied needs of different rooms, meeting styles and sharing purposes, ATEN multi-in-one Presentation Switches are available in two series: VP1420 and VP1421.

    VP1420 multi-in-one presentation matrix switch

    VP1420 integrates a video matrix switch, True 4K scaler, audio processor, and analog-to-digital converter functions into one compact device designed to boost the efficiency and impact of professional presentations.

    VP1421 multi-in-one presentation matrix switch (*launching this quarter)

    With streamlined control from front-panel pushbuttons, IR remote controller, RS-232, the VP1421 reduces not only system device count but also lowers operation complexity. It is suitable for all meeting space and education environments, such as huddle rooms, classrooms, training rooms, or any other presentation setting such as in exhibition galleries or hotels.

    “ATEN multi-in-one presentation matrix switches simplify AV integration and the compatibility challenges by eliminating the need for numerous individual components. With the multi-in-one presentation matrix switches, our customers will have access to a single compact solution aimed at boosting meeting and collaboration efficacy. The device is suited for any commercial environment such as meeting rooms, boardrooms, classrooms, or training rooms for creating an optimized meeting and collaboration space,” said, Shyam Tambatkar, PSM – Sales Division I at ATEN.

    The unique features of ATEN multi-in-one presentation matrix switches include:

    • Fast Analog/Digital AV Matrix Switching – Supports multi-format 4 Inputs, 2 HDMI outputs, Audio embedding, and De-embedding features, Auto-switching/automatically detects and switches to a new source as soon as it is connected for time-saving and convenience.
    • High-definition Video with Optimum Output – Superior video quality, Scaler – supports video up-scaling to 4K on display A and downscaling to 1080p on display B, automatically selects the optimum EDID settings for smooth power-up, high-quality display, and the best video resolution across connected devices.
    • Versatile, Streamlined Operation – Multiple control options, allows control over HDBaseT connection without additional cabling.
    • Extended Transmission over one cable – Long-distance transmission of digital AV signals and remote powering over existing communication cables with selectable powering device.

    With the above features, the ATEN Presentation Switch Series bring multi-in-one functionality, simple and easy control and connectivity, and collaborative solutions to modern corporate meetings with any devices in any-size spaces.

    For more information, visit: 

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