Unleashing the unique and innovative PCB solutions for consumer electronics

Reverent, an Indian electronics design house, which has been established to take India to the next level of self-reliance in design and development of commonly used remotely operated, electronically controlled, home lighting switches, remotely operated air cooler and air purifiers PCB solutions. Right from the concept, the company focuses on designing, developing and manufacturing in India, for the finished product.

The company has come up with a humble vision of designing and manufacturing remotely operated electrical products of outstanding quality at a time when the market is flooded with cheap imported electronically controlled switches and appliances.

“The advent of  Reverent  is  not only to  organize the sector, but also is to add a feather on the wonderful drive of Make in India by providing excellent services to all the brand  owners of appliances and electronic switches manufacturing and marketing companies by  providing them the most advanced technology based electronic products solution at most  reasonable cost,” said T.R. Sharma, Director, Reverent.

“As a brand, Reverent signifies dedication, safety, and reliability. These qualities are helping Reverent to carve a niche for itself to become a most reliable source for electronically remote operated home appliances products line,” he added.

Reverent is actively engaged with major world-class semiconductor manufacturing companies to keep updated with the latest world technology to enable its business associates to produce world-class eco-friendly products that have added value to the lives of people.

Reverent is committed to and shall continue to deliver the most reliable services and long-lasting products of top quality in India and other neighboring markets.

For more information, visit: www.reverentelectronics.in