u-blox extends its distribution agreement with Digi-Key to global basis

    u-blox, a global provider of leading positioning and wireless communication technologies for the automotive, industrial, and consumer markets, has announced that it is extending its distribution agreement with Digi-Key, a global distributor of electronic components, from covering just the Americas region to a global arrangement. u-blox will now appear on all Digi-Key websites worldwide, including 80 country websites that together trade in 28 different currencies.

    “u-blox has always been a global provider and this partnership with Digi-Key aligns with that strategy,” said Suresh Ram, President, u-blox Americas. “u-blox and Digi-Key together will be better able to support customer designs worldwide and provide fast access to development tools, evaluation boards, modules and silicon, making our customers’ lives easier and our business relationships more effective.”

    “We’re excited to take this next step with u-blox after seeing the success of their products with our customers in the Americas,” said David Stein, Vice President of Global Supplier Management at Digi-Key. “This expansion brings a powerful and innovative cellular, short-range radio and GNSS product offering to our customers in every region around the world.”

    The collaborative partnership with Digi-Key will extend the availability of u-blox technology to regions that the company alone has not yet reached, as well as making it more accessible to designers working in mid-sized companies and start-ups. Digi-Key’s global footprint will make it easier to ensure that customers get fast access to evaluation kits, development boards and product samples. u-blox should also get enhanced insights into it where its customers are based, what they want, and how they prefer to access it.

    With this agreement in place, Digi-Key will provide a one-stop shop for customers who need any type of cellular, timing, positioning or short-range communications products. The strong portfolio of u-blox products in these areas will also map well to Digi-Key’s technical marketing and services offering.

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