New comprehensive product line of tunnel detectors exhibit fast pulse response risetimes

Pasternack, an Infinite Electronics brand and leading provider of RF, microwave and millimeter wave products, has introduced a new product line of coaxial packaged tunnel diode detectors that are in-stock and available with no MOQ required. These detectors are ideal for prototype and proof-of-concept applications used in aerospace and defense, military and commercial radar, test and measurement, SATCOM applications and more.

Pasternack’s comprehensive offering includes 26 models of tunnel diode detectors that feature rugged Germanium planar construction and operate over octave and broadband frequencies that range from 100 MHz to 26 GHz. These zero biased designs are available in both positive and negative video output polarities and offer excellent dynamic range with very efficient low-level signal detection.

Another added benefit is an extremely fast pulse response risetime of 5 nsec typical.  These detectors have maximum input power handling of +17 dBm and exhibit a flat video output response across wide frequency bands over a maximum temperature range of -65°C to +115°C. All models are RoHS and REACH compliant and available in compact cylindrical packages that feature an SMA male RF input connector and an SMA female video output connector.

“Our new tunnel diode detector product line is ideal when fast and sensitive power detection capability is needed. We offer a comprehensive selection of broadband high-performance designs that cover a variety of applications, plus detailed datasheets, applications support and immediate, in-stock availability with no MOQ required,” said Tim Galla, Product Manager.

Pasternack’s new tunnel diode detectors are in stock and available for same-day shipping.

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