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Reed switches were born at Bell Laboratories, invented in late 1930s by Walter B. Elwood. The original patent application for an Electromagnetic switch was filed on June 27, 1940 and officially granted on December 2, 1941. Unknowingly but Reeds have find their presence in immense fields whether used in test and measurement equipment, Telecom, Automotive, security, Medical electronics or in General purpose.

Most of the manufacturers of Reed Switches today produce very high quality and very reliable switches. This has given rise to unprecedented growth. Automotive industry has embraced reed switches almost in its all functionalities. Electro-mechanical components such as Reed switches, reed sensors and reed relay plays vital roles in making automotive comfortable, safer and smarter.

Reed switch Product
PIC has broadened its Reed switches portfolio by introducing new Gullwing type SMD Reed Switches named the F- and FH-Series
Features of the Products
F – Series
  • Low price solution for high volume applications
  • No PCB change needed, direct replacement for Gullwing competitors types
  • Various sensitivity ranges available
  • Tape & Reel packed

FH – Series

  • Improved mechanical protection due to housing
  • No PCB change needed, direct replacement for molded competitors types
  • Various sensitivity ranges available
  • Tape & Reel packed

Other Applications

  • As position control used in Top loader Washing Machine, Hydraulic or Pneumatic Cylinders, Security Systems/Building Management
  • As Non Touch Switching used in Smoke Detector, Refrigerator, Pacemaker
  • As Level Sensing used in Fluid tanks, coffee maker, Dryer
  • As Flow sensing used in Dish washer, water meter, Flow type heater
  • As Speed measuring used in Bicycle, Wind meter, E-bikes

Reed Switches and SMD reed switches are Greenline products offered by PIC, following are some unique features of its Greenline products:

  • Recyclable: Pure upcycling
  • The Reed Switch consists of merely glass and metal and hence it is “as easy to recycle as bottles and cans.” Yet another advantage is the low weight with constant miniaturization: Thus, our PMC-0701S weights merely 0.03 gm.
  • No power consumption in stand-by mode: The zero-energy component!
    In contrast to active electronic systems, Reed Switches do not require any separate power supply.
  • No micro emissions: Simply clean
    The hermetically sealed Reed Switch does not produce any micro emissions (like Ozone, notrogen oxides).
  • Immune to ESD
  • Reed Switches are, by large, immune to ESD. Additional safety components and shielding arrangements are not necessary anymore!
  • Negligible heat dissipation: Heat sinks goodbye
  • While semiconductors often become perceptibly hot, the Reed Switch remains absolutely cool and reduces measures required for cooling.
  • Fewer components: The less the merrier
    Reed Switch technology permits space-saving developments using the bare minimum of external components.

Reed switch Product
Rh (Rhodium) plated reed switches have good contact resistance, with the operating temperature of -40° ~ 130°
  • Reed switch ORD228VL: For Automotive because of it electrical and operating characteristics.
  • Reed switch GR560: High performance reed switch.
       Features of the Products
  • Hermetically sealed reed switch within a glass tube with inert gas, reed contacts are not influenced by the external atmospheric environment.
  • Quick Response
  • Comprising of operating parts and electrical parts arranged coaxially, reed switches are suited to high frequency applications.
  • Compact and light weight.
  • Superior corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the contacts assures stable switching operation and long life.
  • Economically and easily becomes a proximity switch paired with a magnet

Other Applications

  • Instrumentation & Test Equipemnts
  • Security
  • Medical
  • Appliances
  • Telecom
  • Industrial etc


  • In all the facilities, the reed switch leads can be formed into various lead bending and cutting requirements that accommodate a large range of customer applications.  Precise tooling is required to prevent any damage to the glass capsule. This value added approach may also include special testing of up to 15 different parameters including dynamic contact resistance.
  • The reed switches can be selected in very narrow ranges of magnetic sensitivities as low as 1 ampere turn (AT) increments or 0.1 milli-tesla (mT).

Reed switch Product

Molded reed sensors

  • Durable at 24 Vdc for switching low current signal loads as well as lamp loads.
  • They withstand higher shock and vibration
  • Delivered in tape and reels for automatic pick and place assembly for re flow soldering
Features of the Products
  • Do not require any external power for operation.
  • Hermetically sealed and are safe to use in inside fuel tanks.
  • Available in normally closed and normally open contact forms.
  • Immune to Electrostatic discharge (ESD).
  • No additional component require to generate output
  • Signal does not require any amplification.
  • Available in three magnetic sensitivities to cope up to various actuating distances and magnet types.
  • Manufactured in our environment friendly using up to 50% renewable energy
  • Configurable hysteresis (ON-OFF distance).

Other Applications

Reed switches and reed sensors as position sensing find application in:

  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • White goods
  • Recreational applications


  • RRE offer reed switches that can be customized during manufacturing for either only a ON distance or only a OFF distance or both for very critical applications.
  • Customers can visit our high technology factory in the outskirts of Bangalore for direct application testing and trials.

Reed switch Product

For automotive safety applications:

  • Reed sensors detecting automotive crashes to initiate airbag deployment.
  • Reed switches for seat belt locking detection.
  • Reed sensors and switches are into windshield washer fluid level, radiator surge tank level
  • sensor, oil level, and for reed ladder level detections for Fuel and Urea level sensing

Features of the Products

  • Wide portfolio from a very small 7mm body length part going up to 50.80mm in glass body
  • With tightest quality standards meeting stringent automotive requirements.
  • Do not require any power to operate and save power consumption over solid state devices as their resistor and
  • power supply and can be controlled more tightly.
  • Easy to modify for sensitivity and specialty lead forming compared to mechanical devices
  • Flexibility of electrical load switching from micro-volts or micro-current to over 1000 volts and up to 100 Watts of power

Other Applications

  • Consumer Market
  • Industrial applications
  • Gas and Water Metering
  • Appliances
  • Security


  • Littelfuse has customization capabilities for all our products, backed with strong application team to support during all stages of product development as customer end.
  • Can provide full magnetic circuit computer simulation/modeling services for analyzing feasibility of the design options.
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