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    Top 10 LED Lighting Companies in India (2020)

    By 2030, it is expected that, there will be more than 70 billion light points in the world. Public lighting is installed everywhere; where people live, work, play and travel. Its primary function is to provide energy efficient, quality light to enhance public safety and enhance the urban landscape. However, Lighting infrastructure will also offer enormous potential to be part of a citywide network capable of acquiring data and delivering information and services to and from millions of devices, from garbage bins to autonomous vehicles.

    In this way, it could help enable smart city services to improve the lives of its citizens and city managers alike. With rapid advancement in technology, the need for a efficient and affordable lighting technology is the need of the day. Considering the market and its advanced methodologies, ELE Times has successfully researched on the top 10 players in the lighting industry.

    Below is the list for your reference:

    Wipro Lighting

    Wipro is one of the best Indian LED companies ever since 1992, when Wipro extended its wing into the retail and institutional segment with Wipro Lighting. Their aim is to offer the latest and innovative LED lighting solutions designed to enhance every home and office space. They were the first to launch a comprehensive LED Lighting range for consumer and institutional segment in India. The total revenue of Wipro as of 2020 is ₹63,862.60 crore.

    Some Benefits of Wipro LED lights:

    • They have an excellent range of smart bulbs and lighting.
    • Their products came with two years of warranty depending on the product.
    • They bring innovative design with the best quality products.

    LED Products of Wipro- Downlights, surface mount luminaries, Linear Lamp, Desk light, Batten Light and street. 

    Bajaj Electricals

    It is a globally renowned and trusted Indian electronics company. Bajaj Electricals business is spread across – Consumer Products (Appliances, Fans, Lighting), Exports, and EPC (Illumination, Transmission Towers and Power Distribution). Bajaj Electricals has 20 branch offices spread in different parts of the country besides being supported by a chain of distributors, authorized dealers, retail outlets, exclusive showrooms called ‘Bajaj World’ and approximately 500 customer care centers. Its turnover was ₹6,744 crores (FY 18-19).

    Some Benefits of Bajaj LED lights: 

    • They are energy efficient and consume up to 90% less power than incandescent bulbs.
    • They work in low voltage supply
    • They are eco-friendly and are regularly recycled
    • LED light bulbs have a longer lifespan of about 25,000 hours or more.

    LED Products of Bajaj: Bajaj Ivora, Baja Lantern, Bajaj Torch, Bajaj ELX, Bajaj Table lamp, Spike Guards.

    Surya Roshni

    Three decades down the line, it is valued as one of the leading brands in the Lighting industry. Surya Roshni Limited (formerly Prakash Surya Roshni Limited) is one of the top manufacturer of LED lights in India. Surya exports its products over 50 countries and has a turnover close to Rs. 5,975 crores in FY 2018-19.

    Some Benefits of Surya LED lights 

    • They are offering a 25000 hours lifespan of their LED bulbs.
    • They have a wide range of more than 50 LED lighting options.
    • The LED light price in India of the Surya brand is affordable and valuable for the money.
    • They provide both consumer base and professional based LED lighting solutions.

    LED Products of Surya- Lamp spot light, Battens, high bays luminaries, linear lamps, Strip light, Streetlight, Decorative light, and Down lights.

    Syska LED

    Syska LED is a market leader and provides numerous lighting solutions. Syska LED offers a wide range of international quality LED lighting solutions, for varied applications providing effective and energy-efficient lighting in any environment from residential and retail, to commercial and industrial applications. Syska LED currently holds over 40 patents for lighting solutions. Its 2019 revenue totalled1400 crores.

    Some Benefits of Syska LED Lights 

    • They offer a wide range of international quality LED lighting solutions.
    • Their home appliances category has been crafted with the latest innovation and provides energy saving to its customers.
    • Syska also has the personal care products range in the market.

    LED Products of Syska- Tube lights, Down lights, Panel lights, Portable lights, Garden lights, Industrial light,Flood light, Wall light, Parking Light and Tunnel Light.

    Havells India Ltd.

    Havells is one of the famous and trusted brands in India for almost all electronics items in the Indian market. They have more than 14 manufacturing locations in India. The company’s primary advertisement is for their best quality cables as Havells cables never catch fire. However, Havells entered the LED lighting sphere in 2010. They have been manufacturing LED lights since 2011, and in a short time, they are providing good quality LED lights in India.

    Havells has a wide range of LED lighting solutions, including spotlights, lamps, ceiling lights, and many more.

    Some Benefits of Havells India LED Lights 

    • They bring some of the best-designed LED lights in the market.
    • They maintained high-quality products with energy-efficient LED models.
    • They have a wide range of portable rechargeable LED lights.

    LED Products of Havells- Lamps, Spot Lights, COB Fixtures, Decorative lights, Commercial lights, Street Light, Tube lights, and ceiling lights.

    Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Ltd.

    They are one of the oldest brands in India with a rich legacy and excellent quality, reliability, and superior engineering capability.  Their product design inspires an immense amount of trust. They are known for providing meaningful solutions to the consumer’s needs. They have also launched some breakthrough products like India’s first anti-dust and anti-bacterial LED bulb.

    They have a wide range of LED lighting bulbs according to your need and decor. The price of CG LED tube light in India is a bit faster than other products, but it came with more than 15 years of life. The brand known in the market for their high performance LED lighting.

    Some Benefits of CG (Crompton Greaves) LED Lights 

    • Their lifespan is longer than the regular traditional bulbs.
    • CG has a wide exceptional colour range.
    • They come with lower radiated heat.

    LED Products of CG (Crompton Greaves) – Bulb, Tube Light, Spotlight, Streetlights, Garden light, Emergency Light, Desk Lamps, and many more.

    Philips India Pvt. Ltd.

    Philips has been one of the brands since our childhood. Philips is a Dutch brand, but it considers India as the biggest market as far as the LED light is concerned. They are the most trusted brands in the Indian market today. Philips boasts cutting-edge technology and has a wide range of LED lighting solutions to Indian customers. They are one of the top LED tube light brands in India.

    Philips has the complete solution for LED house light and office lights and not only in India but globally too. The brands make sure that the global experience and expertise for its products in India.

    Some Benefits of Philips LED Lights 

    • They come with longer life and use 80% less energy than the traditional sources.
    • These LED lights come with perfect light quality and need no warm up time.
    LED Products of Philips- Bulbs, Wall Lights, Ceiling Lights, Tube lights, Table lights, Suspension Light and Decor Lights.

    OSRAM India Pvt Ltd

    German engineers are considered to be the best ones in the world in making machines of almost all kinds of. You will get robust German engineering which means a fuss-free LED lighting. Osram India is a complete subsidiary of Osram GmbH that offers its customers a wide range of LED lighting solutions.

    The brands have managed to make the best-LED lights in India with their manufacturing plant in Haryana Sonepat and in Kundli. They are one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers for LED exterior modules and interior modules. From having LED lamps to general lighting, Osram has the complete solution for all your ELD lighting needs.

    Some Benefits of Osram LED Lights 

    • They have a wide range of conventional LED bulbs.
    • They provide complete LED solutions, including LED light engines and electronic Control Gear.
    • They have a wide range of industrial LED lights, including Halogen lamps.

    LED Products of Osram- Spot Lights, Lamps, Wall Luminaries, Batten Luminaires, Under Cabinet Lights, Floor Luminaries, Table light, Flood Light, Streetlights and Camping lights.


    It is in the business of manufacturing wires and cables and fast-moving electrical goods under FMEG as a POLYCAB brand name. A[prta from wires and cables they are also manufacturers of the LED lights in India. They are the growing Brand for LED lights. They are capable of producing good quality LED lights, and they are providing it to their consumers.  The brand has more than 25 manufacturing units across India.

    Under the name of PolyCab Luminaires, they have a wide range of collections for LED lighting and solutions for almost everything, including roads, bridges, and gardens. These products designed for a better life and quality.

    Some Benefits of PolyCab LED Lights

    • They are specialists in commercial LED: Lighting and solution.
    • They offer a complete solution for LED lighting for your office and home lighting.
    • Their LED focus lights price is affordable in comparison to others in India.

    LED Products of PolyCab – Bulbs, Spot light, Table lamps, Flexi Lamps, Street Light, Garden light, Decorative light, and Down Lights.


    A century-old company has quite a market for LEDs. They offer a wide range of lighting solutions. With a thrust on innovation, their products match international standards in terms of energy saving, longevity and safety. These products are designed to suit Indian conditions. Their mission is to offer innovative technology at an affordable price. It reported a profitof ₹4 crores for the quarter ending March 31, 2019.

    Some Benefits of Eveready LED

    • They have a longer life
    • They are safe to use
    • They are energy saver

    Eveready LED Products Type: Bulbs, Spot Lights, Down Lights and Deco Lights.

    ELE Times Bureau
    ELE Times Bureau
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