To Boost AI and IoT Research, India to Partner with Taiwan

    A new initiative between Taiwan and India will proceed under cooperation programs promoted by technology ministries of the two countries.

    India and Taiwan are reportedly strengthening their cooperation in the research of technologies related to artificial intelligence (AI), including the Internet of Things (IoT).

    According to a report in Focus Taiwan, the Taipei Economic and Cultural Center has announced that the initiative will proceed under cooperation programs promoted by technology ministries of the two countries.

    Recently, a Taiwanese delegation of scholars visited India to attend a conference on AI at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras) under a bilateral cooperation plan framework between the ministries of science and technology of Taiwan and India.

    Yeh Chia-hung, vice dean of the Department of Electrical Engineering at National Taiwan Normal University, led the six-member delegation that include researchers from various universities.

    Researchers presented 17 papers at the conference

    Taiwanese and Indian researchers presented 17 papers at the conference, which saw participation of more than 100 teachers and students.

    At the conference, Sivaji Chadaram, director of the International Cooperation Division under India’s Ministry of Science and Technology, gave a presentation on India’s science and technology policy, its current research and development and its future prospects in the field.

    Chen Ho-hsien, head of the technology division of Taiwan’s representative office in India, addressed the current state and progress of cooperation on science and technology between Taiwan and India and Taiwan’s AI policy and flagship plans.

    Chen also gave a briefing on the opportunities for those seeking to pursue postdoctoral research in Taiwan.

    Experts from the two countries also discussed future cooperation in the AI field.

    The delegation also visited an AI laboratory at IIT Madras and the Chennai office of Pathfinder Global FZCO, an international enterprise specializing in AI and big data.

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