Highest density: Fully integrated voltage regulator solution with Intel SVID and PMBus support

Power density is key in latest space constrained storage, Netcom, servers and telecom designs. Infineon introduced the newest member of its integrated point-of-load product family, the IR38164 DC-DC POL converter. Infineon’s IR38x6x family offers full SVID compatibility or 3-bit PVID flexibility. This makes it easy to design and support Intel CPU and chipset POL rails in Intel systems. Some products support PMBus functionality for POL rails requiring control, telemetry, voltage settings in applications such as telecom base stations, networks and storage SSDs. This family of IPOL devices takes advantage of the benchmark efficiency of the OptiMOS MOSFET.

With its integrated SVID, in the smallest size available in its class, IR38164 offers 50 percent space saving compared to traditional externally powered digital controller solutions. The product also provides enhanced current monitoring accuracy. IR38164 has a 5 mm x 7 mm Cu-clip package and OptiMOS 5 with the lowest RDS(on), FOM (figure of merit), and QRR attributes in the market. Thus, enabling greater than 91 percent for core rail (0.7 V-1.2 V) efficiency, and higher than 97 percent for 5 Vout efficiency. The IR38164 is capable of high frequency operations, up to 30 A, thanks to its excellent thermal characteristics. Furthermore enhanced packaging and high performance MOSFETs enable high current 3.3 V and 5 V output voltages delivery at high ambient temperature with minimum airflow.

IR38164 features Infineon’s third generation voltage mode PWM engine. This enables high control bandwidth, 50 percent fewer capacitors and stable 1 MHz operations. True differential voltage sensing, wide margining range and a 0.5 percent Vref accuracy work together to deliver a Vout accuracy greater than 1 percent.

The IR38x6x products are programmed for Intel VR13 rails, such as VCCIO, VMPC and PVNN rails. Pin compatible options are available with and without PMBus support.


The IR38164 is now available. More information at infineon.com