This Professional MEMS Development Tool lets you See Exactly What MEMS Sensors Are Feeling

    The Profi MEMS Tool development platform by STMicroelectronics lets engineers visualize the behavior of ST’s MEMS sensors, helping accelerate time to market and maximize the performance of new product designs.

    Featuring a high-performing STM32F401 microcontroller and flexible power management, the main Profi MEMS Tool board powers the sensors and gathers output data for forwarding to a developer GUI (Graphical User Interface) running on a host PC. Users are free to use ST’s UNICO GUI, which can be downloaded from, or a tool of their choice to analyze the MEMS sensor waveforms.

    Profi MEMS Tool goes beyond simply linking the sensors and GUI, by helping users explore all the operating modes and power settings and optimize performance and accuracy. The board’s generous compute power handles complex datasets, such as OIS/EIS (optical or electronic image stabilization) from ST’s advanced 6-axis inertial modules, as well as simple sensor readings like barometric pressure and accelerometer or gyroscope data. It also has ample capability for evaluating the latest generation of high-resolution MEMS sensors for industrial applications, such as the recently-launched IIS3DHHC 3-axis low-noise accelerometer, which features a 16-bit accelerometer output and 12-bit temperature output.

    To begin a project, the user connects the desired sensor modules via expansion headers provided on the main board. Software-adjustable power circuitry gives flexibility to set the sensor supply voltage from 0V to 3.6V to replicate likely operating conditions in the intended application. The board provides accurate power monitoring that allows users to detect the sensor supply voltage and current drawn without connecting external instruments, which streamlines development of energy-conscious projects such as Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices, smart sensors, or controllers for mobile robots or drones.

    The Profi MEMS Tool is available now from distributors, or directly from ST, priced $85.75.

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