Allegro announces the shipment of its Billionth Gear Tooth Sensor IC

    Allegro MicroSystems, LLC is celebrating a milestone for its popular line of Gear Tooth Sensor (GTS) ICs, which surpassed one billion total units shipped. These revolutionary ICs were first released to market more than 15 years ago, and are staples in engine management, transmission and braking applications in advanced automobiles.

    Allegro, a top-ranked global supplier of magnetic sensor ICs, is a leader in speed sensing applications. Allegro’s GTS product line was the first fully integrated sensor of its kind on the market. These unique ICs use custom, high volume, and high accuracy semiconductor grade equipment to combine a magnetic sensor IC with an Allegro patented magnet, all within a small 10 mm diameter package. This innovative packaging technology, when combined with subsequent Allegro circuit design and algorithm advancements, enhance automotive engine and transmission performance, vehicle fuel economy and emissions, and overall vehicle performance.

    Allegro’s high level of innovation and applications expertise have been key in the development of sensing solutions for automotive applications, such as stop-start engine sensors, camshaft and transmission sensors, and high-speed sensors. Allegro’s broad range of magnetic sensor IC products offers the latest in technological and quality advancements in speed, position, and electrical current sensing.

    “We continually build upon decades of experience and leverage our knowledge to create very precise solutions that are easily integrated into customer applications,” said Christine Graham, Product Line Manager. “

    Allegro’s continued innovation helps us to lead the market, and Allegro’s GTS product line is a great example of this innovation.” Allegro delivers nearly 900 million magnetic sensors annually with GTS sensors accounting for more than 100 million units shipped each year. Allegro prides itself on its industry-leading quality, support and expertise at all levels of the semiconductor design and manufacturing process.

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