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    Test and Measurement Companies- The Catalyst of Electronic Industry

    With huge advancements in technology and researches being conducted daily, the need for new products in every field is enormously increasing and the demand in every field exceeds than that of the production. Each and every product in the market today comes out through a series of efficient time consuming test and measurement process. These T&M companies offers a wide variety of services for different products.

    Accurate testing and measurement is critical in electronic systems design and manufacturing to ensure product quality. Test and measurement (T&M) systems play an essential role in ratifying the performance of a wide range of electronic products. Increased product complexity has spurred the demand for precision testing at every stage of the product’s life cycle, right from design and development to production testing, pre- and post-market testing, as well as support. Thus, the growth of the test and measurement industry goes hand in hand with the growth of the electronics industry in the country.

    Indian Market has the potential to be among the forerunners in the next phase of technology innovations. The Indian electronic design and manufacturing sector has witnessed steady growth in recent years, with the focus shifting from pure play system or product design to include other areas such as product development, original design manufacturing etc. Therefore, immense business opportunities are brewing in the Indian T&M industry.

    ELE Times considering the applications in T&M industry has portrayed some of the most promising companies in today’s world:

    ANRITSU India Pvt Ltd

    Founded in the year 2005, The ANRITSU India Pvt Ltd is one of the leading company in the ICT services industry and is operating its test and measurement business globally. Today the company has 125 Employees working round the clock across India with its branches at Bangalore, Noida and Hyderabad. The Company today manufactures products such as Radio Communication Analyzer, Bluetooth Tester, Cable and Antenna Analyser, Signal Generators and Power Meters etc.

    The Company is now an active contributor in the field of Telecom R&D, Defence and Aerospace, Mobile Device Manufacturing, Chip set and Semiconductor R&D, IOT, Automation, Communication Research and Educational Research Lab.

    With 5G research and development, IOT and automation sectors being the main focus, the company has always achieved consistent growth and has always invested in the same considerably, because of which the company has attained considerable market share in the industry.

    Anritsu works closely with technology leaders to understand their testing need and cater to their requirements accordingly. It has always participated in many standards forum to understand technology and thereby contribute to the specs and standardization and prepare T&M for telecom industry. It has maintained high standards in technical support and service support to focus on the challenges from industry effectively.

    Apart from core industrial solutions, Telecom T&M is also used and required in many industrial applications and communications in industrial area. Anritsu provides test and measurement solutions for telecommunications such as optical fiber-based communication or wireless communication or satellite-based communication in industrial plants. It is used for communication network installation maintenance in industrial segment. Anritsu Access Master MT9083B2/MT9085B is ideal tool in wireless network. Anritsu Spectrum Master MS2713E is used for coverage measurement in industrial plants or mines while LMR Master S412E is used for dedicated communication network using P25 or TETRA technology.

    Anritsu claims that their products are industry standard in many measurement techniques. Customer receives cost effective and amp; better post-sales support of the products supplied by Anritsu. Anritsu India has been investing in Indian market to improve customer reach and better support. It also has R&D centre to support global customers and product development and will continue to invest and enhance facility R&D.

    Metro Electronic Products

    Founded in the year 1999, Metro, A well-known T&M company in the forefront of industry strives to provide customised solutions to its customer’s at the most competitive price in the present Indian industrial scenario. The company headquartered at Delhi tries to introduce the latest technology and products in the country through its suppliers from all over the world. The company facilitates its Indian customers to buy from a single source to save energy and time.

    The company today manufactures products such as Multi Meter, Clamp Meters, Digital oscilloscopes and soldering equipment etc. with collaboration from companies like MASTECH and OWON whose manufacturing units are situated in China. The company aims at the education sector and considers it to be the promising one as lots of Governments funds are being channelized towards technical manpower training.

    The company is all set to launch latest technology in T&M market at a very Industry friendly cost and plans to do the same in the near future. With this much hard work and dedication, the company always tries to stay a step ahead according to the demands of market.

    The company’s product range has always been based on concept of Latest technology at a very reachable prices for the industry. It also focuses on small scale industries coming up and plans to reach out to them at every stages. As with new technologies being incorporated in new T&M instruments, lots of products which were earlier out of reach for small scale industry cost wise are now within their reach.

    The company also has a large range of various new product launches starting from Low cost DMM Clamp Meters to high end programmable Power Supplies/sources. And in the near future it has also planned for a new series of Digital storage Oscilloscopes with latest connectivity features.

    Fluke Corporation

    Fluke offers a comprehensive range of test & measurement solutions to professionals in field of electrical and electronics manufacturing, IT & telecom, industrial, commercial & residential spaces, defence & education, oil & gas. The Company mainly focuses at R&D engineers, O&M professionals, and industrial technicians in MRO operations. The company caters to sectors such as automobile, cement & steel, oil & gas, defence & energy generation, transmission & distribution verticals as these are key growth engines.

    As Technology is changing at a fast pace and it is imperative that design engineers have to not just keep up with ever evolving technology platforms but develop them too. The company provides essential technology for the people who accelerate innovation and progress, and thereby curve to serve market requirements and lead it with examples. With the passage of time, the company started adopting new technology measurement sensors and communication features aided by IoT.

    Recently the company launched Fluke MDA550 series of Motor and Drive Analyser which can check a Variable Frequency drive without any mechanical sensor using a propriety algorithm. The company also believes in innovation and providing solutions to the customers. Fluke’s commanding position in quality, accuracy and reliability makes it a preferred brand in the market.

    The company strives to maintain leading position in the predictive maintenance tools and calibration standards through market leading innovations. The Products manufactured are all unique products and first in product category.

    Future of Test and Measurement Companies and Conclusion

    The electronic T&M market is growing well. Researchers have indicated significant growth opportunities in terms of market participation, the largest ones centering around 5G, autonomous driving, data centres, high-speed digital standards, and power applications. The companies are most likely to succeed in capturing the opportunities.

    Industry experts feel that it is very important to make customers aware and convinced about quality, safety and maintenance practices through the use of the right T&M instruments. They expect regulatory bodies to spread this awareness.

    The T&M companies should adopt a robust data strategy. T&M manufacturers should aim to operate their business models through open partnerships with software analytics. New revenue streams can be generated through these synergies and open partnerships. The value from a service-based business is expected to come from the need of monetizing the decision making and intelligence that can be extracted from the data produced by a platform centric business model that effectively integrates software analytics, hardware, and services.

    Moreover, T&M companies need to work as solution partners with decision makers in the electronic system design and manufacturing (ESDM) industry by offering leading-edge electronics design and test services. By adopting the latest and best T&M solutions, ESDM players can make the elusive breakthroughs that advance technology. That will lead to ideas, systems and products that will make the world a better place and the technology business more productive.

    By: Mannu Mathew | Sub Editor | ELE Times

    Mannu Mathew
    Mannu Mathew
    An engineer and a journalist, working, researching, and analyzing about the technology sphere from all possible vector, Currently working as a Sub-editor / Technology Correspondent at ELE Times

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