High voltage resistors

High Voltage Resistors For Custom Power Supplies

There are a vast array of power supplies on the market, and the variety of resistor applications in those designs broaden the selection dramatically....
System Downtime

System Downtime: What does it Cost Companies?

Server downtime is an issue that plagues the vast majority of organizations. When servers go down, many—if not all—of an organization’s most critical applications...

How Does ADAS Save Lives And Cars?

ADAS or Advanced Driver Assistance Systems are designed and implemented to assist the person behind the wheels during driving. The basic objective of this...
IoT Security

IoT Security: Hardware vs Software

The subject of technology often leads us to the alleys of future. It is a topic that people often indulge in debating. For some,...
Augmented Reality

Shaping Smarter Cities: Thanks to Augmented Reality, Not All Statues Are Mute

Recently I was reading an article about Dadbot—the chatbot created by James Vlahos that aimed to emulate his father. The idea for the project...

Driving Leading Edge SiC/GaN Power Converters

The power converter market is and will be evolving fast, moving from simple performance/cost designs to broader and more sustainable innovation. New challenges are...
Industrial Ethernet

Ethernet vs Industrial Ethernet: What is the Difference

Industrial Ethernet systems must be more robust than office Ethernet. Ethernet and, specifically, industrial Ethernet have recently become popular industry terms in the manufacturing world....
Transparent Electronics

Tomorrow’s Tech, Today: A Glimpse of the Incredible World of Transparent Electronics

Safety today, has become an extremely important issue. It sounds funny given the fact that safety is one thing that should always be prioritised....

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