Solderstar Introduce North America to its Latest Profiling Systems at IPC Apex

    Following a successful European show at Productronica in Germany, Solderstar a leading supplier of profiling equipment for reflow, wave, vapor and selective soldering, is ready to present its latest innovations to the North American region when they attend IPC Apex Expo, in San Diego, California from 25-27 January 2022.

    Solderstar will put the spotlight on two of the company’s newest products including the VP Nanosystem and the Solderstar SLX, a state-of-the-art zero set-up thermal profiler.

    Chris Williams, Solderstar Business Development Manager said: “Apex will be the first exhibition that Solderstar has attended in America for two years due to the pandemic. We are therefore very much looking forward to sharing our latest products with the electronics industry in this territory.

    “We have spent the last two years re-evaluating and reviewing our products. It was the perfect opportunity to spend quality time on new product design and allowed us the opportunity to come up with the new SLX datalogger.

    “We collated information from the field teams and of course from our customers, to look at what the industry needed and how the process of thermal profiling could be improved. The feedback we received was for systems to include ease of set up, error-free processing, and for everything to be backwards compatible with the thousands of SMARTLink accessories existing in the market. This created the basis of a new set of goals. Armed with this knowledge and our own objectives to produce best-in-class products the SLX datalogger was conceived. The SLX is a complete ground-up design with all aspects of the product improved and redeveloped. SLX maintains compatibility with older products, but importantly offers a powerful platform to build new measurement solutions, with parameter measurements for emerging processes and future capacity.

    “What makes Solderstar SLX so unique is that it requires no measurement setup. It is an accurate, robust, ultra-compact, battery-powered datalogger used for measuring and recording process parameters from any soldering process. Since introducing the new product we have received exceptional interest and this will be the main focus for us at Apex.

    “The unit can be plugged onto any SMARTLink reflow heatshield or other process accessory and the system will directly read and auto-configure itself to quickly enable the correct number of thermocouples as well as every other process parameter sensor. The user does not have to redefine the system before each use. This feature is a huge benefit to the customer as they can down-skill the profiling workload. Additionally, it has 12 separate memories for individual profiles, so the user only has to go back to the PC and download once they’ve finished profiling every process in the manufacturing area- a great time saver!

    “We are very much looking forward to presenting the new SolderStar SLX at Apex, together with our other innovative products.”

    As well as introducing visitors to the SLX datalogger, Solderstar will present another new addition, VP Nano. This impressive system allows users of batch and in-line vapor phase soldering machines to fully profile products in the same way as a conventional reflow oven.

    VP Nano features a rechargeable micro-miniature profiling datalogger combined with a sealed light-weight heat shield capable of operating in the pre-heat, vapor reflow and vacuum stages of the machine. Once data capture is complete, the heat shield can be opened and the datalogger removed to allow for rapid cool-down cycles minimizing the risk of overheating the profiling unit.

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