Taiko PDL M1- Take full control over your pulsed picosecond light sources

    Take full control over your pulsed picosecond light sources with PicoQuant recently released Taiko PDL M1 smart laser driver. This laser driver is tailor-made for the most demanding applications in life and material science, semiconductor diagnostic as well as laser-ranging.

    The Taiko PDL M1 is able to monitor and control most laser head parameters such as optical output power or laser head temperature. It offers unmatched operational flexibility, including a wide range of repetition rates, burst patterns, continuous wave operation, and external triggering. Featuring both an intuitive local one button control scheme and a versatile remote user interface, operating a laser has never been more easy and enjoyable. The two interfaces are fully synchronized and can be used simultaneously.

    With its ease-of-use and robustness, the Taiko PDL M1 enables even novice users to carry out demanding time-resolved applications on time scales ranging from very short (fluorescence lifetime investigations) to very long (study of phosphorescence dynamics).  As befitting a high-end laser driver with outstanding hard- and software quality, the Taiko PDL M1 comes with PicoQuant’s 5-year warranty.

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