SUSE Partners with Nashik-Based Cloud Provider to Support “Make In India”

417346-back-up-your-cloud-how-to-download-all-your-dataExuberant Support for Data Services (ESDS) to offer SUSE products through its home-grown cloud platform, eNlight

SUSE, a pioneer in Linux and open source solutions, announced the appointment of Exuberant Support for Data Services (ESDS), a Nashik-based cloud hosting firm, as its first Indian Cloud Service Partner. SUSE is the first open source company to sign up with an Indian cloud service provider to offer hosted services in the market. Both companies will collaborate to offer an extensive computing environment for enterprises to run their business-critical applications and workloads.

Rajarshi BhattacharyyaCountry Head at SUSEIndia, says “We are very excited to have an Indian cloud service provider to cater to our customer base in the local market. This is part of our efforts to encourage entrepreneurs in the country to build highly competitive products locally and support Make in India.”

SUSE’s CSP partner ecosystem so far consists of only the global cloud giants like Amazon, Azure, Rackspace and Verizon.

ESDS’ eNlight Cloud, a cloud platform developed in-house in their India facility, comes with the ability to automatically scale CPU and RAM on-demand.  The company holds a patent (US 9176788) for its innovative Auto-Scalable feature of eNlight, which has succeeded in eliminating the downtime due to volatile internet traffic. eNlight’s autoscaling capability is something that has been well-received by its growing clientele. A vertically and horizontally scalable model is predicted to be the future of Cloud by researchers and analysts in the industry.

As a certified SUSE CSP, ESDS can now offer a suite of open source products for use in the public cloud with SUSE Linux  Enterprise Server as the foundation. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server provides superior reliability, performance, security and Windows interoperability. Furthermore, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server has more certified Linux applications than any other operating system.

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