STMicroelectronics’ Semiconductor Chips to contribute for Oral-B’s Intelligent Brushing

oral-b-smart-toothbrush-headerMicrocontroller and Accelerometer help brushers clean their teeth more effectively

STMicroelectronic, a global semiconductor leader serving customers across the spectrum of electronics applications, on October 4, 2016 revealed its contributions to an intelligent toothbrush system from Oral-B. ST’s motion-sensing and control chip inside the toothbrush help develop healthier brushing habits, in New Delhi.

Brushing incorrectly can negatively affect oral health. To help people brush like their dental professional recommends and avoid these common oral-health issues, the Oral-B GENIUS intelligent toothbrush system combines revolutionary Position Detection technology with Triple Pressure Control and a Professional Timer.

ST’s low-power 3-axis accelerometer captures permanently the orientation of the toothbrush handle while the user is brushing. ST’s 8-bit STM8 microcontroller performs pre-processing of the accelerometer data and other housekeeping functions on the GENIUS toothbrush and leverages ST’s advanced packaging technologies for miniaturization.

“Our contribution to improving personal healthcare through an electronic toothbrush that brushes like your dental professional recommends is yet another example of how semiconductor technologies help people get more from life,” said Kevin Gagnon, Vice President of Central Sales, Americas Region, STMicroelectronics. “A powerful demonstration of the exceptional creativity of the Oral-B technology team, the GENIUS smart electronic toothbrush is a testament to the variety of highly innovative products that ST’s solutions can be used to develop and bring to market.”

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