SST’s 3rd-Gen SuperFlash Non-Volatile Memory on 110nm CMOS

    Microchip Technology Inc. through its Silicon Storage Technology (SST) subsidiary, announced on March 29, 2017, qualification and availability of SST’s third-generation embedded SuperFlash (ESF3) non-volatile memory (NVM) on 110 nm Complementary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor (CMOS) platform.

    SST’s embedded SuperFlash memory solution offers low power, high reliability, superior data retention and high endurance benefits to smart card, microcontroller (MCU) and other Flash-enabled specialized IC designers with a cost-effective, embedded Flash solution. In smart card applications, the fast erase time and low power offers a uniquely low energy envelope which is critical for enabling low-power applications such as Near Field Communication (NFC) and dual-interface smart cards.

    For the first time SST’s ESF3 technology is available to fabless and Integrated Device Manufacturers (IDMs) on a highly cost-effective 8-inch 110 nm CMOS platform. This ESF3 platform is qualified for 300,000 erase and program cycles, making it ideally suited for smart card and other high-endurance IC designs.

    “The combination of low-power ESF3 technology on an advanced 110 nm process node opens up exciting new product opportunities, especially for the secure smart card market,” said Vipin Tiwari, director of worldwide marketing and business development for SST. “Now customers who require low-power, high-endurance embedded Flash can keep production costs down by using this mainstream 8-inch CMOS platform.”

    Contact SST for more information on SST’s extensive custom library of off-the-shelf IP blocks optimized for secure/smart card System-on-Chips (SoCs).

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