SLD Laser Line Achieves world’s first UL certification Safety Standard

Visible laser light source developer SLD Laser has announced that its Laser Light SMD product line has achieved certification for the ANSI/UL 8750 solid-state lighting safety standard.

“We are pleased to announce that SLD has achieved the world’s first UL certification of a laser-based lighting source,” said James Raring, co-founder and president of SLD Laser. “We are driven by the vision that laser diodes are lighting’s future, and we are thrilled to see regulatory acceptance and adoption of our Laser Light products in so many of our customer’s lighting applications. Additionally, we deeply appreciate the extraordinary recognition by the 2018 Light Fair and Laser Focus World judging committees”, he added.

SLD’s Laser Light SMD is a laser-based commercial lighting product, delivering more than 10× higher luminance than LEDs, enabling safe, highly collimated, white light output, with vastly superior optical control and light delivery from miniature optics or high-efficiency fiber optics. Laser Light is being adopted in portable, architectural, outdoor, and entertainment applications to produce lighting effects such as ultracompact long-range spotlights, glare-free pattern illumination with sharp light gradients, and fiber optic remote lighting effects.

“UL is pleased to have worked with SLD Laser for certification of their new LaserLight product line, which produces light within the visible light spectrum,” said Bahram Barzideh, Principal Engineer for UL. “With the results of these two evaluations, SLD Laser can now identify specific construction and performance characteristics for the LaserLight product line, which will allow OEMs to more easily integrate these components into lighting products and systems, help reduce the need for end-product testing, and accelerate time to market.”

For future applications, Laser Light technology is being designed into next-generation lighting systems involving dynamic beam shaping, enhanced visibility imaging, lidar for emerging smart car and smart city applications, and LiFi high-speed data communication for 5G and more.

SLD Laser is a developer of visible laser light sources for automotive, specialty lighting, and display applications.